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Cotton cashmere tee, available HERE. Cashmere blanket, HERE.

This is just perfect. Ace Californian t-shirt brand James Perse has used 68-year-old model Maye Musk in its autumn 2016 campaign.  A stunning silver haired model dressed in lovely clothes on a beautiful country ranch. Bring it on. Brand photographer Noah Stone confirms that James Perse has been aiming to increase versatility and diversity for a while, saying, ‘We had been looking for older models when Maye Musk came our way. She’s so cool and sophisticated and I love and respect how she is aging gracefully – joyfully.’ Musk’s modelling career has spanned over 50 years – and she still found time to complete two degrees in dietetics and science and give birth to three children (one of whom is tech entrepreneur Elon Musk). Aged 60, Musk stopped colouring her hair and the big modelling contracts came rolling in. On her website, the South African-born polymath states, ‘I love to say, “At 68, I am only just beginning!”‘ Too, right.

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I have a couple of James Perse sweatshirts – picked up in NYC years ago and they’re still going strong. Shame the jumpsuit’s not available yet…

31 thoughts on “Older models: Maye Musk for James Perse

  1. Lovely. I have not dyed my grey roots for coming up for 2 months, sadly I don’t have the snowy white hair of Elon’s mum but decided to see how it goes, funkier cut, nicer earrings, and making sure I do my make up will ensure I don’t look like I’m giving up rather than embracing! I’ll report back!

    1. Stay strong…..you’ll love it, just be yourself. A good cut, funky clothes and a sparkle in your eye will set the record straight!

    2. I had my hairdresser put in streaks of ash blonde, so the root issue was practically non-existent, though it did take a couple of years to get there.

  2. I want that jumpsuit! And the silver white hair; it’s only a few years off but, at 82, my mum’s hair promises much.

  3. Stunning – both the model and those lovely shades of grey. With you on the hair Sarah – but I found a hairdresser who was able to bleach and put grey dye over my past brunette colours – and the growing out is now much easier! It’s not going to be white yet – but it has enough silver to be interesting! 😉

    1. I am also trying to grow out my gray hair! But haven’t found yet a stylist who could bleach and make me a gray dye on my brown hair. Can I ask you who and where your hairdresser is? Thank you so much!

  4. I love the jumpsuit and Alyson you look great in yours but would does it suit the god awful post kids, hormonal middle-age spread, end up looking like a telly tubby??!

  5. Hats off to Noah Stone for these wonderfully composed photos. Maye Musk is beautiful and in these photos she exudes quiet internal strength and grace.

  6. She looks great but those prices are insane when compared to, say, me and em. Maybe it’s the exchange rate but Aussie $398 for a t-shirt dress?

  7. Hi Alyson, what a nice post and how great it is to see models in campaigns are not only the young, the beautiful, the stunning long legged and size 00 girls it used to be. Or is it a hype, a trend or whatever you call it? Because it’s not the first time a plus-age beauty appears in commercials or on the runway! (for example; H&M, Balmain) But, I do like it a lot! Thanks for sharing the great pics!

  8. I’m 58 and a huge fan of James Perse clothing. Imagine my delight when I opened their web site one day recently and saw Maye. I’m so happy they made the decision to use her and hopefully, it opens the eyes of other major retailers.

  9. My god. She looks fabulous! First time I’ve seen a woman model closer to my age (69). This is VERY heartening. Now I have to try to look as glam and elegant as she! ha ha!

  10. Beautiful woman and great to see James Perse have her model for them. The clothing (at full price) is also out of my price range but for anyone reading here who is in the US may I recommend keeping an eye on LastCall.com. They always have James Perse clothing for sale at knockdown prices. The styles are simple but the quality is good and really holds up well.

  11. How fabulous. I adore James Perse clothing, and she is a brilliant choice of model for them. She lends a real weight and elegance to the clothes; the photos are beautifully shot. Bravo, James Perse! May many follow your lead.

  12. Kudos to James Perse for recognizing the mature woman. She’s gorgeous. My only *shrug* *question mark* is why don’t models smile anymore? With that bone structure, I would be smiling 24/7!

  13. Maye Musk’s hair, and Maye herself, is jaw droppingly beautiful. My mother’s hair is a similar colour at 80 so a while to go yet but something to look forward to. Thank you Alyson for this article – it has cheered me up. As does the news of your new book!

  14. She looks intelligent and interesting as well as modelling the clothes beautifully. Great inspiration.

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