Stella Tennant photographed by Nick Knight for Vogue.


Some people may question the relevance of catwalk models at an Olympic Games’ ceremony but why not make use of a prime advertising slot to showcase what’s left of Great British industry? I’m all for promoting car manufacturing (I give you the Rolls Royce and Robin Reliant), high fashion and certain elements of the music industry. The Kaiser Chiefs performing a Who cover version made it feel a bit X Factor – I half expected Simon Cowell to arrive with Her Majesty in his private jet – but at least they were in tune. Thankfully, George Michael, Eric Idle and The (real) Who managed to bring a bit of star quality back to the proceedings. Anyhow. As we couldn’t have David Bowie at the Closing Ceremony – music industry insiders tell me he’s not playing at the moment and doesn’t like flying – I was quite happy to settle for Stella Tennant. Looking fabulously androgynous in a sparkly Christopher Kane suit. Yes, Kate Moss looked amazing in Alexander McQueen, but Tennant had that glam rock edge. I’ve always admired her haughty elegance (her grandma’s Debo the Duchess of Devonshire), boyish silhouette and choppy hair. She’s only 41, so technically not very old at all, but I can’t think of another phrase for this regular blog post. Can you?

Vogue September 2011. Photos: Javier Vallhonrat.


Vogue November 2012. Photos: David Sims.
Vogue July 2010. Photos: Mario Testino
Celine spring/summer 2011 campaign, shot by Juergen Teller.


Photos: Getty, Vogue, NYmag.

19 thoughts on “Older Models: Stella Tennant

  1. You could call it Beautiful People Who Are Not 20 Any More. Anyway, I like Tennant very much and thank you for all the photos of her doing what she does best.

  2. The Kaiser Chiefs were one of the best bits, I loved their Pinball Wizard rendition, all that it missed was Wiggo hopping off one the Lambies and joining Ricky for a duet!! x

  3. Not being a huge Olympic fan, I was delighted to see the union flag being reworked as a catwalk and watch those sparkly folk strut their stuff. As for the rest – I could have done with less Brian May and I'd love someone to explain Jessie J's bodystocking wotnots to me.

  4. Can't believe the Olympics are over. I'm both sad and relieved. Thank goodness it all came off so well. Actually, bloody spectularly well. How pleased I am to "chosen" this country to be my home. I knew from my first glimpse of it as a tourist that this was the country for me.Cheers,

  5. Vix – I really liked the scooters & thought the Kaiser Chiefs were quite lively, just think they should've sung one of their own songs (though I guess I Predict A Riot was inappropriate).

  6. Ha ha yes, "I predict a riot" might not quite have cut it! Enjoying watching the closing ceremony. It was on 24 hours later here in Australia and we recorded it. Just watched 1.5 hours – rest tomorrow – loved Stella Tennant – star quality most definitely. She looks fabulous. X

  7. I didn´t watch the Olympic Games at all, so am not able to comment on that one.
    I´ve heard, that they went very well.
    About the model, she is awfully skinny and I don´t like the clothes on her, but naturally she had no saying to it.
    Some pictures show a very young looking woman, cute in fact.

  8. I thought it was a bit strange to have the catwalk also but the models looked great! I was expecting to see a cat-fight!! Yes, Stella looks fab and if she's old I must be ancient!!!

  9. For me it was all about Kate Moss, I gasped then yelped. She was like a snake goddess and I was her supplicant – I might have had a few drinks on Sunday night.

  10. To be at a point when calling a model "old" at 41 seems so amusing . . . who'd 'a' thunk it?! Still surprises me to be at this distant point, but from here I enjoy very much seeing some diversity in models even as their relative agedness recedes into a perspective which deems them young and me, well, not.
    I've always admired this blend of edgy-street-with-a-touch-of-contradictory-gamine, the hair particularly. My own unruly curls just won't do Cool or Edgy however much I might aspire in that direction . . .

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