Peggy Moffitt_athleisure_3Sporty, sporty Peggy Moffitt. Famous for her Vidal Sassoon five-point cut, heavy eye makeup and appearance in Qui étes-vous Polly Maggoo, the mod-tastic sixties model has launched her own sportswear label. I can’t bring myself to call it athleisure, that’s just about the clumsiest portmanteau, ever. Inspired by the Rudi Gernreich outfits Moffitt modelled in the 1960s, the range is designed by Evelina Galli and feels very of-the-moment.

Peggy Mofitt sportswear_4 Read more about the Peggy Moffit sportswear launch HERE, and here’s a photograph from the shoot the 75-year-old model appeared in, a couple of years ago, for LOVE magazine:


There’s a great video of Moffitt talking about life, style and topless swimwear HERE. Fortunately, we’ve all moved on from the monokini…

12 thoughts on “Sixties-inspired sportswear by Peggy Moffitt

  1. Great that she is launching this line at 75. Adore the image from LOVE magazine. But that sportswear, at my age (53)? No way!

  2. Peggy Moffit is an original – wonderful images in her heyday, especially those photographs with Twiggy. But something tells me she may have fallen on ‘hard times’ and this sportswear range is her superannuation – to me it is seriously underwhelming. But I certainly understand why she decided to release this range. In my opinion she looks very old for 75.

    I wish she would have re-released copies of the book “Pretty Pretty Peggy Moffit” – this is far more original than the leisure wear which does not look very fresh or innovative to me.

    1. Oh a re-release would be fantastic, I’d love a copy of the book! Maybe a collaboration with a sportswear brand would’ve allowed the range to be more innovative (?), though I do like the stripey leggings.

  3. Three cheers for Peggy! Better than Meals on Wheels and daytime TV. She has made her whole life a work of art. I’d like that typeface scarf.

  4. Hi Alyson,

    Take a look at my 60’s inspired line; a shift, a sheath, a shirt….classic, slightly preppy and ladylike, yet simple, clean, easygoing, fresh and chic. They fit well, are machine washable, and hold their shape; they won’t wilt or cling. This year we selected fabrics for their California Mod vibe, crisp hand and saturated colors.

    Women aged 30-70 have bought and wear my dresses.


  5. Perhaps because I’m a Southern Californian, I love Peggy Moffitt’s collection–seems just right for this place and time, providing one has the body for them. The concept of the cut-off tights is clever. She sounds nicely feisty in her interview, especially the point she makes about today being about style, not fashion. Fun story: when I was a young reporter in Hollywood, my older colleagues were still retelling how as a simple schoolgirl, Peggy always accompanied her parents (her father was in the business) to advance movie screenings. Then one evening, the family walked down the aisle, and the schoolgirl had overnight become mod model Peggy Moffitt. They still hadn’t gotten over the shock.

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