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I’ve always been fascinated by Style Tribes; from the punks of my teenage years to the women of Advanced Style. I do think it’s human nature to identify with others – with people who dress alike, appreciate the same things and have similar attitudes and beliefs – whatever your age. ‘The Grown-up Style Tribes’ is one of the most popular chapters in Style Forever (or so I’m told), and so I was pleased to see this lovely shoot in The Bath Magazine last week. My Style Tribes have been recreated using a mature model Nicola Petrou; above as the Casual Glamourpuss and below, the Scandinista:

older model, dungarees
Photos: Paolo Ferla.


The jacket in the first photo is from Anthropologie (no longer available but there’s a similar style from LK Bennett HERE) and so are the jeans  (available HERE), the plimsolls are Superga (available HERE). The clothes in the Scandinista photo are from a shop in Bath called Blue. The skate shoes are by Ash (available HERE).

Older and Bolder Brigade, Fabulous Femme, Gentlewoman – which Style Tribe do you belong to?



22 thoughts on “The grown-up style tribes

  1. Today I’m a Scandinista for sure, but yesterday I was Casual Glamour-puss. Can also do Advanced Punk and Senior Ballet Dancer. I can’t be other only one who morphs all the time?

    1. You’re right Patti, style is individual but then I do think we like to identify with others and be part of a grown-up gang. Though as you say, no obligation…

  2. Such nice styling; love the model’s hair too.

    My tribe are the schlubby superannuated stay at home moms. Trying to quit…

  3. Great post but I’m in my own world. I’m my own Style Tribe–these days I’m a bit maxi but in a month or two I may be Cher-in-Witches-of-Eastwick. It’s all good!

  4. Fun to see these iterations — especially fun to see one woman representing two different Style Tribes. I put myself somewhere between Casual Glamourpuss and Ageless Rocker, although the latter is more wishful thinking than anything else. And of course many of us claim to be unclassifiable, but that’s a Tribe as well, right? . . . 😉

  5. I’m wearing a dress I made from a pair of children’s curtains, a stack of plastic jewellery and a stupid blue fake fur. I don’t think there’s a name for what I wear.
    My tribe is people of any age who refuse to follow the crowd – no labels required!

  6. I actually needed to see this blog. I have noticed on the pinterest site and on the blogs that there are uniforms. EG…skinny jeans, usually with holes, a t shirt, half-tucked, boots, leather or jean jacket, long hair parted in the middle. Or maybe a short dress and high heels. With curly long hair dyed blonde. Or the midriff baring t shirt with low cut jeans shorts, lots of silver and turquoise jewelry, long hair parted in the middle with sandals that have ties up the legs. I now know they are clans.

  7. Knowing ones style helps one to pare down the wardrobe from “over-fluff” (and over – consumerism) And I love to identify with certain styles, so I know how to shop. however, one of the greatest things about growing older is to not having to feel part of a clique…. In whatever form it is. I love being confident (at my age) to dress for my moods, the moment and in what makes me happy.

  8. I aspire to the Fabulous Femme but then on some days it all goes a bit ‘pear-shaped’ and I feel ‘experimental’. Back to the drawing board…………………………..

  9. I change ALL the time, depending on what I have on my schedule that day, and how much sleep I’ve had the night before! I think changing tribes is the fun part, although there are some tribes that feel more natural to me than others. I think I’m Fabulous Femme more than anything. I adore the Scandinista look but I don’t feel very me in it.

  10. Ooh that Anthropologie jacket is gorgeous! Shame it is sold out, hopefully they’ll re-issue it.
    I don’t know from what tribe I hail as I really like hangin’ out with Women who are different to me. I guess that’s my tribe then?
    I hadn’t even heard of the term until I began blogging a year ago. It sounds rather more grown up than Girl Gang, I like it 😉

  11. One of the blessings of Having Style is the ability to change your look whenever you want to. It’s fun-it’s what life is all about!!
    Myself, I was BORN a “Glamourpuss”-won’t even go out to post a letter without first checking my lipstick…!!

    Not so sure about the “Scandinista”: looks like the “Casual Glamourpuss” down on her luck…..!

  12. While intrigued to read the book via your words (thank God for Amazon Prime), I believe that the beauty of the grown-up gang hides in the freedom of having style and being who we want to be, one day at a time. Personally, as long as I am true to my style, own it and keep it chic, I feel good and empowered whether I am at a music festival with a bunch of wild teen-ager girls or at a charitable luncheon. Does that make me a Glamor-puss?

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