I can’t be the only one craving cosy and comforting winter style

I can’t be the only one craving cosy and comforting winter style

It’s natural to want to feel cocooned and cosy at this time of year. But on perma-lockdown in the middle of a global pandemic I’m all over clothes that give me a great big hug. There is good reason to cloak yourself in comfort, ‘We like soft clothes because they feel good physically and help us feel good psychologically,’ explains fashion psychologist Professor Carolyn Mair, ‘Wearing something soft can comfort us and help us relax.’ Though I would draw the line at UGG’s. Sales of the boot you can shuffle in are up 30% but I’ll be sticking with my stompers.

Right now, tactile fabrics are where it’s at. And I can’t be the only one hankering after Peak Cosiness. ‘Touch creates a sense of connection to others,’ adds Carolyn, ‘As we’re not able to touch during the pandemic, soft clothes can help reassure us as they caress our limbs and bodies like a gentle touch from a loved one might do. Wrapping ourselves up can bring the warmth and protection that many are craving at the moment.’


Photo: Claire Pepper


Style notes: Khaki padded coat is by Part Two (now sold out but there are similar styles at Arket and COS). Camel button detail sweater by Loreak from Precious Boutique. Cord tapered trousers, Toast. Nanette Boots from Grenson.