Increase your style confidence in three easy steps

Increase your style confidence in three easy steps

How did this outfit come together? I’m going to try to share the recipe in three easy steps:

T = TONE. The burgundy colour scheme. Here, I wanted to put together a head-to-toe look that wasn’t my usual navy blue or khaki green. It’s winter, I need warming up. But, feeling slightly self-conscious (like a walking Ribena advert), I added a contrasting, vintage tweed jacket to break up the burgundy. And this finishing touch, really makes the outfit.

L = LINE. As well as pushing me back into my comfort zone, the tailored jacket helps pull the silhouette together. The cashmere jumper is an oversized shape and looks sleeker with a jacket on top. I am fond of a clean line. When it comes to the trousers, a straighter style works with the longline jumper and the cropped length shows off my stompy boots.

C = COMFORT. The most important thing! In all senses of the word. By this, I mean wearing clothes that fit your personality as well as your body shape, choosing fabrics that aren’t itchy or scratchy and shoes that don’t squeeze your toes. Identifying the clothes that make you feel good. Get this right, eliminate the faffing and increase your style confidence.