That’s Not My Age introduces big pants!

— by Alyson Walsh


I can’t actually believe that I’m publishing a photo of me in my knickers, but there we are. Initially, I did consider hiring a model/ body double – until I checked the latest day rates. And anyway, after the recent discussion on body image, I thought, if Emma Thompson can get her kit off, then so can I. Plus, I have every confidence in my photographer friend Claire Pepper who has worked with numerous lingerie and swimwear brands and knows how to make women look good.

Anyhow, enough about me, let’s talk about BIG PANTS.

Over lunch with designer Charlotte Day, I was bemoaning the fact that it’s impossible to find a decent pair of big knickers these days. The last three-pack I bought from M&S swiftly ended up in the bin. The fabric quality was flimsy  – this week, The Guardian ran an article on the subject of ‘ Skimpflation’ or getting less for your money/paying the same price for an item that has worsened in quality – and the gusset was too narrow. Not quite a cheese wire thong but with a width of under five centimetres (and yes, I did measure it) let’s just say they were not very comfortable. There was a lot of undignified pant-hitching going on. ‘You should meet my friend Harry Duley,’ Charlotte replied, when I’d finished ranting, ‘she designs the best pants around.’

And, Harry Duley really is the queen of big knickers. She runs a small, independent clothing label from her home studio in Dorset, has worked with Folk Clothing and is famous for her quality, high-rise pants. It’s a bit of a cliché but in order to dress well, you really do have to get the foundations right. Comfort and fit are the most important things. So, I am delighted to be collaborating on the latest addition to the That’s Not My Age Edit. Having tried and tested numerous pairs of pants, I can confirm that these are gamechanging undercrackers. For the TNMA x Harry Duley collaboration we’ve created a new mid-rise design for summer – but be warned, we are going big for autumn!




TNMA x Harry Duley pants

The mid-rise pants sit just below the belly button, are shaped to fit and have a low leg with a signature crossover finish. The fabric used is 46% organic cotton, 46% bamboo viscose, 8% Elastane. The high stretch content helps to keep the shape and the knickers are lovely and soft and durable. The fabric is sourced from a UK supplier who monitors supply chains, standards and certifications. Knitted and dyed in Turkey, it is GOTS certified. More info on Harry’s transparency page HERE.

The prices are as follows:

One single pair of premium mid-rise pants  = £22

Three pack of premium mid-rise pants (either black, grey marl and pink; or three pairs of black pants) = £56


These pants are designed and handmade in the UK. Please allow three-to-four weeks for dispatch. They are made to order to eliminate excess stock and use less fabric. Harry is offering 10% discount on your first order; this is on single pairs (not the three-pack). Only one use per customer. Discount code: TNMA10

No more hitching and hoicking, order your new knickers HERE.


UPDATE: the TNMA x Harry Duley pants are now back in stock!


STYLE NOTES: I’m wearing my Harry Duley pants with the TNMA x Dandy Star VINTAGE sweatshirt. Check out the full TNMA Edit HERE.

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