Everybody loves Jeff Goldblum. Always offbeat – and occasionally a bit bonkers – the 65-year-old actor is trending, right now. Named the coolest man in Hollywood by British GQ, Goldblum is gussied up in designer gear for his starring role in the magazine’s July fashion story. The good thing about Goldblum is he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I’m old enough to remember the Holsten Pils ads of the 1990s, have seen Goldblum on stage at the Vaudeville Theatre in London, (The Prisoner of Second Avenue, 2010) and am delighted that he’s hooked up with Wes Anderson. But my ‘Joy of Jeff’ moment came about 15 years ago, in a vegetarian cafe in New York.  Enjoying lunch with a friend, we were interrupted by a jovial, ‘Hello, how are you?!’ Thinking it must be a case of mistaken identity (we were both visiting from London), we looked up from our dosas to see a 6′ 4″ Jeff Goldbum standing right in front of us, beaming. A smile, a nudge, a shy hello and we’d succumbed to Goldblum’s chirpy charm.

In the GQ interview Goldblum confirms that he has always been interested in fashion, adding, ‘ I find it amazing where a good leather jacket and a pair of white jeans can take you.’ He definitely knows his style. Oh and Goldblum is releasing a jazz album later this year with his band The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. Explaining his motivation and zest for life, Jazzy Jeff explains, ‘You’re only interesting to the extent that you’re interested.’

17 thoughts on “The joy of Jeff Goldblum

  1. I have always loved Jeff Goldblum – he gets more delectable year by year. But to realise that he has humility and is a bit bonkers makes him pretty damn perfect in my eyes. Jeff G and Wes A will make a sensational collaboration.

  2. Could I just say ….. I love the way you’ve stated your parameters. If you want to be in my gang, play nice. It’s a tip we could all take into our lives.

  3. Goldblum is an example of someone who has become more attractive as he ages. I love these photos from GQ – he looks great in a suit. He’s taken on some of the strangest roles Hollywood has had to offer and performed them brilliantly. He’s definitely cool in my book.

    1. Oh I think that sentence might be a bit confusing. I just meant that Jeff Goldblum has appeared in a couple of his films – Life Aquatic, Grand Budapest Hotel and was the voice of Duke in Isle of Dogs. But now he’s in the Wes Anderson gang, I’m sure there’ll be more to come…

  4. He looks great. He is sexy… I can’t even blame him for marrying a woman 30 years younger. I guess I would do the same thing… if I were a rich, handsome, famous old dude. May he live long enough to see his new baby graduate high school. Rock it Mr. Goldblum!

  5. totally agree – and I think not taking yourself too seriously is a wonderful aim to achieve – we should all do that more!

  6. I just did the math…in 1983 – when he co-starred in “The Big Chill” he was 30…I was 18…he seemed *mature*…what 3.5 decades do to a guy…swoon…

  7. I’m a huge fan. So stylish, really funny, intelligent and totally mad on occasions… (Sadly, I’m not speaking from personal experience.)What’s not to like. It makes me smile just to look at him. :0)

  8. Great feature!! I’m also a huge Jeff Goldblum fan. Several years ago my husband and I were sitting in an outdoor cafe in the Mayfair district of London and he walked out of the restaurant with Woody Harrelson. He gave us a huge smile and hello which totally made my day. I love that fitness is important to him and it certainly helps him look fabulous in clothes. He plays with his jazz group on Wednesday nights at Rockwell in LA and I hope to get over there to see him when he’s in town.

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