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I’m always looking for new ways to wear things, new ways to layer. And this gorgeous striped cotton shirt dress could be THE style inspiration for summer. Perfect for swanning around in, the shirt dress looks ace over gold jeans or cigarette pants – though white makes an excellent alternative. Such an easy-breezy modern look.

M.i.h Jeans always has longer length styles and I like the look of Acne and Equipment cotton shirt dresses; also worth checking out are Zara, Madewell, Joseph and Topshop (HERE and HERE). For superior shirt dress action, it has to button all the way down so the last few buttons can be left undone, have long sleeves for rolling up and it has to be cotton (or possibly silk). That’s all.

26 thoughts on “The new way to wear a shirt dress

  1. Be careful with this one! You could looked very rumpled quite easily. Not for me – prefer a crisp shirt tucked in!

  2. I agree. A shirt dress is very versatile. It can be worn buttoned up like a dress or tunic over pants, or open like a lightweight coat as an extra layer. You can even ‘redesign’ it by knotting it low on your hips. So many ideas!


  3. The shirt dress over trousers combo can definitely work wonders. But the one in the main photo is so crumpled it makes me want to get my ironing board out……..something very rare indeed. And not good.

  4. Nice, but unfortunately those new shirt dresses (layered or not) don’t work well for women with larger chests!

  5. Sorry, but I don’t think there is one attractive look in the bunch! Frumpy and plain. They look like hospital gowns.

  6. I’m with you Aud. I can’t get past the “just got out of bed and was too lazy to change” look. Wrinkled clothing is unattractive no matter your age. That said, I do love the idea of layering over skinny pants and will add this look to my clothing rotation. Thank you Alyson for another super post.

  7. I have also worn my straight shift type dresses over slim leg pants or tights. The dress fabric has to be high end and fall nicely over pants. Otherwise one can look less than put together. The right shoes and accessories are critical when combining two clothing items, not meant to be combined. When done well, this look can be fabulous . In particular, I have combined my sleeveless St. John knit dress with slim leg black pants. This looks like a long tunic, over pants. Susan

  8. I didn’t even notice the wrinkles in the shirt dress. Together with how perfectly combed her hair is, and put together the outfit is, I don’t expect someone would think she just rolled out of bed.

  9. I adore shirt dresses and this one is lovely! I believe the key to pull off the wrinkled look is to make sure everything else looks polished (like her hair, glasses, jewelry, and gold pants). As in decorating, architecture, and art…. Chaos needs order to be beautiful, and vice versa. Also, if you are busty, a slim belt works well. Thanks Alyson for giving us so many beautiful options.

  10. I’ve got a crinkly linen shirtdress in olive green that I’d actually forgotten I owned! Just dragged it out of the wardrobe and intend to resuscitate it this summer. Thanks TNMA!

  11. I love that dress! I like to refer to it as “charmingly crumpled” ! For me, it would work alone. My life is one…long….hot….flash…and wearing a dress with pants could possibly have me performing a strip tease in the middle of the street a la Edina Monsoon.

  12. I don’t know about that look; I think you have to very young -like the model-to pull it off.
    I’d look like The Madwoman of Chaillot in that get up.

  13. Finally! I can sleep in my shirt and not have to change for the next day. And when I open the door to my postman, he’ll never know I’m still in my “night dress.” Just kidding–the long shirts/shirt dresses are cute, though for the un-ironed look, I consider the words of my 60ish chic friend: “Once you have wrinkles on your face, it’s too much to have wrinkles on your clothes.” ps. She actually likes to iron.

  14. Love, Love shirtdresses esp over trousers. I usually wear a regular shirt, chambray or dark blue, over a dress, looks pulled together but more casual and cooler (temp) than a jacket.

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