Ageless Style: Winser London’s winning formula

— by Alyson Walsh

Kim Winser OBE - small

Kim Winser

Kim Winser is onto a winning formula. I knew that when the founder and CEO of Winser London talked me through her inaugural online collection three years ago. These are timeless, ageless, infinitely wearable clothes that grown-up women want. Now with bricks and mortar stores in the UK, in California and plans for one in London, 57-year-old Winser is celebrating the third birthday of her eponymous brand. I chatted to the OBE-holding fashion expert about business, so far:

Lauren Silk Blouse and Bow

Winser London Lauren blouse

TNMA: Happy Birthday, Kim! How have the first three years been?

KW: It’s been an excellent start, I’ve got a terrific team and things are really on a roll. More advanced than I thought we’d be at this point: we’re much bigger in America than we thought we’d be, I thought we’d do well in Europe but it picked up very quickly in the USA, we’ve just resized the website for mobile devices, we need bigger premises – I really couldn’t ask for more.

AW: If you could go back three years, what advice would you give yourself?

KW: Probably something around being prepared to do seven days a week, to work all hours. I’m experienced, I’m used to running big companies (M&S, Pringle and Aquascutum) and being on the board of directors but with Winser London I’ve done everything the team has done.  We have senior staff working at every level. I put together a team of experienced people but every department has people straight from university. I wanted to ‘Gift Back’, too many youngsters come out of university and are unemployed. We’re a digitally-centred business so this strategy has really worked and the graduates love sitting next to people who are normally three layers above.

Cashmere Wrap and Cashmere V Neck Jumper

Winser London cashmere wrap and v-neck jumper

AW: Have you seen any changes in the industry?

KW: There are definitely more senior women now, I am noticing it. I meet people all over the world and you suddenly think ‘Wow, women are really making a difference.’ Women are doing great things in the fashion and beauty industries – it amazes me how many fab stories you read. People tend to come to me as a senior woman and I dedicate at least one day a month to nurturing young talent, I think it’s important to give support to young women.

AW: What are your Winser London highlights?

KW: One that made me smile was seeing Emma Watson after the 2014 Oscars walking through LAX airport in a Winser London trench. She was a Burberry model and I wasn’t expecting it – I received so many lovely messages from the Burberry team.


Emma Watson photo: REX

AW: Have you lost Yasmin le Bon to Armani?

KW: She will definitely be appearing next season – from Armani to Winser London! Yasmin has been with us for three years, I contacted her before I started the business, she’s a real woman, beautiful and stunning and so genuine; not only professional but absolutely lovely.

W302A001_W303A021_014 f3


And this is good news, perennially beautiful and ageless, Le Bon encapsulates this brand. I’m looking forward to seeing what Winser London achieves over the next three years.

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Kim Winser is onto a winning formula. I knew that when the founder and CEO of Winser London talked me through her inaugural online collection three years ago.