Whoop. I’ve been named as one of the most stylish bloggers over-50 by the fashion website Who What Wear. And I’m dead chuffed about that. The feature covers different age groups, from 20s to 60s (why stop there?), and, as I started That’s Not My Age eight years ago, I like that it highlights the significance of older bloggers who have been around for quite some time. I’m also quite flattered to be described as ‘the Alexa Chung of my generation.’¬†This photo is from the shoot I did with photographer Kristen Perers when I turned 50, a couple of years ago. And as the That’s Not My Age motto goes…

That's Not My Age motto

Read ‘The Best Fashion Bloggers in Every Age Group’ HERE.

38 thoughts on “Best fashion bloggers over-50

  1. Alyson, you totally deserve this! You blog (on this topic) is among my favorites, along with Tish Jett’s and Girls of a Certain age and Une Femme….Congratulations!

  2. I did enjoy looking at all the bloggers. Felt the unifying theme was self-confidence , fearlessness and a sense of fun.
    One correction though: Alexa is the Alyson of her generation !

  3. Wonderful blog. Love the diversity as style and fashion are complex. Then add what looks attractive for an individual body shape adds to the complexity. Not everything looks good on everyone. Making good choices is key to dressing appropriately and simultaneously stylishly! My thoughts. Congrats Alyson. Susan

  4. Congratulations on a well deserved accolade. You are my go to person for fashion advice. You are spot on and very real in what you have to say. My wardrobe is evolving into the best one I’ve ever had. Too bad it took me 62 years to get here. Thanks for all the great and very useful advice. And once again congratulations on your success!

  5. I was so happy when I found your blog – well written, a little snarky & fun. The best part of being an older fashionista is wearing what you want & not explaining anything. Thanks for being our public voice.

  6. Congratulations – Great pic and love the hair. Your articles are straight to the point and you don’t mind being totally direct sometimes.

  7. Congratulations! I’ve only recently discovered your blog, but am loving it. Thanks for all the great info and pics. And again, congrats!

  8. alyson! so exciting. i subscribe to v few fashion sites such as who,what,where but they are my favorite and i was so thrilled to see you listed. i’ll never forget the evening we spent having dinner in london! congratulations! x

  9. And I’m dead chuffed for you! Very well deserved! I love the inclusiveness of your blog. (‘Why stop at 60…?) As a rising 73 year old still mad about clothes and keen to look as good as possible, I’m thrilled to read that. Many thanks

  10. I read and enjoy both you book and blog. A very minor point, hygge is pronounced with a “y” sound, almost like the y in “you”. ūüôā I think the climate in the Scandinavian countries contributes to hyggelig, practical, low key styles. From a Norwegian reader.

  11. Bravo, I just started following as a result of the Who What Wear recognition. I’m looking to getting to know you!

  12. Congratulations Alyson. I have been following you from the start, when I was attracted by your honesty and guts as you grappled with what was then a relatively new medium. And now you are flying. I just love your intelligent and thoughtful mix of style -as opposed to fashion – and culture.

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