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At the end of an an exhibition, do you do that thing where you choose the one painting you’d take home with you? The imaginary art buying game. This gorgeous painting is the work of artist Chantal Joffe. London-based, Vermont-born Joffe studied at the Royal College of Art in the 1990s. There’s currently an exhibition of her portraits on at the new Victoria Miro gallery in Mayfair. Paintings are of friends, family and a number of writers. I like the way Joffe portrays women. And I like a Lovely Blue Shirt. Hence, this is the painting I’d like to see on my bedroom wall, if money were no object and we had a bit more wall space at That’s Not My Age Mansions .

On working with oils, the 46-year-old artist says:

‘I’ve always been unfashionable; it seemed natural I should pick an unfashionable medium. Of course, I was very conscious of what other artists were doing – I wasn’t painting in a bubble – but it didn’t alarm me. I just loved painting so much that if there was a glimmer of life in it, I would carry on doing it.’

And here are some more Lovely Blue Shirts:


Read more about Joffe HERE, and she talks about her work HERE.

The Chantal Joffe exhibition continues until the 24 March 2016.

10 thoughts on “Chantal Joffe and the lovely blue shirt

  1. We play this game too. We came down to see the Matisse to Monet, Gardens through Art exhibition at the Royal Academy at the weekend and chose the William Nicholson portrait of Gertrude Jekyll’s gardening boots. Hope Monet wouldn’t be too insulted!

  2. I play the game too. But I usually go delusionally bankrupt because I want to bring every painting home. My favorite American painter is Childe Hassam. He, along with Mary Cassatt are two Americans who studied with the French Impressionists. That painting, though, by Chantal Joffee is beautiful. Thank you for showcasing such a stunning painting!

  3. Ooh, I’d find wall space for this as well… Funny, I posted a very different portrait, also painted in oils, on my blog yesterday, commenting that the young Renaissance woman portrayed had something so modern about her countenance that I could imagine her wearing something 21st century. Now I’m picturing her in a blue shirt . . .

  4. No wonder you like this one – same stance as your piccie, collar up, hands in pockets, inscrutable half smile! She’s mirroring you!:-)

    I have SUBSCRIBED AGAIN!GOOD sign it did not tell me I was already SUBSCRIBED!SO,lets keep our fingers crossed…….maybe my computer went on a coffee break!I have started YOUR BOOK……………LOVING IT!

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