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I’m going to be working when I’m 74 because I haven’t got a proper pension plan, Grace Coddington on the other hand is doing it because she wants to explore new opportunities. Coddington announced this week  that she’s stepping down from day-to-day life at American Vogue to become creative-director-at-large, but as the 74-year-old told Business of Fashion she’s not retiring just yet:

“I’m not running away from Vogue, because it has opened so many doors. I would never want to give it up. But it will be nice to collaborate, and nice to go out (and) give talks to people. It’s just another approach. I’m certainly not going into retirement. I don’t want to sit around.”



With another book in the pipeline, as well as a biopic, a perfume with Comme des Garçons and four fashion shoots per year for American Vogue to produce, Coddington continues to exert her creative influence and show us how to go gracefully from one way of working to another.

There’s a feature on Grace Coddington and ‘fashion’s shifting tectonic plates’ by Vanessa Friedman in the New York Times HERE.


9 thoughts on “Grace Coddington is not retiring just yet

  1. I think the concept of retirement – understood as a time when we stop working and start playing – is outdated. People don’t just stop being interested and interesting because they no longer need to earn an income (or earn at the same level) – as Grace illustrates. I hope I’ll be as engaged and open to new things if/when I get to her stage in life.

  2. I wonder how many of us women don’t have enough pension to retire? I have to keep working and also see it as a good thing. I love my job – I trained as a teacher 9 years ago. I’ve worked all my life but a lot of it freelance, hence no real pension. What would I do anyway? I use all my creativity and energy in my work and to help my children, now adults.

  3. Grace is an icon for all women. Living life to the fullest and on her terms. She knows what she wants. She exudes confidence and grace. She also makes a fashion statement; do notice her outfit. . Recently I read that fashion changes but true style is lasting. Grace wears her black well! Her outfit flows beautifully. Her natural beauty glows. Thank you for bring Grace to our attention. Susan

  4. I have a GREAT Grace Coddington story for you. I love her so much because she is an incredibly visionary and her editorials are spectacular. Anyway, I noticed that over the years, her editorials’ photos reminded me of the photos of my better half’s grandfather, Jacques Henri Lartigue. I wrote a note to her explaining how much I love her “visions” and that they reminded me so much of Lartigue’s. She wrote back. She was dumfounded because she collects photographs of J.H. Lartigue and he is an inspiration to her.

    My Frenchman was stunned. He was amazed not only that she wrote me back, but that she was a fan of his grandfather’s works. I still have her note and treasure it. I also love the fact that Coddington is NOT thrilled with the celebrities gracing (pun?) the covers of Vogue. I’m with her!

    1. That’s amazing, Catherine. That you spotted the connection and that lovely Grace Coddington wrote back to you, she’s such a star. Agree with her about the covers…

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