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The invite has been designed, Manhattan Brother is organising the Style Tribe cocktails – I am both excited and a little nervous about that. My favourite chapter brought to life in liquid form. Anyone for an Older and Bolder? A Scandinista with chilled Lingonberry juice? Plans for the Style Forever New York launch party are coming together. Thanks largely to the generosity of family and online friends, particularly interiors stylist Hilary Roberston for introducing me to Michele Varian who has very kindly offered to host the event. Short Hammond organ intro.…I am very pleased to announce the Style Forever New York launch party at Michele’s fab Soho shop:

Tuesday 17 November

6 – 9pm

Michele Varian Soho Shop & Design Studio

27 Howard Street (bottom of Crosby Street)

NYC, NY1003

RSVP: (or leave a message below)

Hope you can join me. Start spreading the news…

18 thoughts on “Style Forever New York launch party

  1. Have a simply WONDERFUL time in NY – brill to have a launch party there. You know I think your book is good – and that’s what the NY’ers will think – yah!!

  2. Too, too exciting! Make sure you try each and every one of the Style Tribe cocktails and report back. It is going to be a fabulous event.

  3. Good luck with the book launch party in NYC, it will go down a storm! Also thanks for introducing me to the work of Hilary Robertson, I’ve just ordered her books from Amazon 🙂

  4. Sounds very exciting! And the cocktails – yum! Everyone seems to be talking about New York right now – the city so nice they named it twice – so you’re right in the middle of the zeitgeist. Have a wonderful time!

  5. Wish I could come but live in Chicago! You look fabulous, adorable and hip in this photo and in my opinion, you should use it instead of the black & white that appears in the right hand side of your website/blog. All the best on the 17th!

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