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Photo: Denton Taylor

Don’t be fooled by this photograph of me and Accidental Icon Lyn Slater stylin’ it out in black and white, the New York launch party was a FABulously colourful affair. Lots of wonderful guests turned up to celebrate Style Forever, it was lovely to see Carol and Richard Markel again; Richard was dapper-as-ever in emerald green and blue and artist and milliner Carol looked stunning in her multi-coloured coat and red trilby:

carole Markel and RichardCarole Markel

Super-talented and utterly gorgeous interiors stylist Hilary Robertson made the event possible by introducing me to her lovely friend, designer and owner of this fabulous lifestyle store Michele Varian. Hilary was born in south London and now lives in Brooklyn:

Hilary Robertson, Style Forever NYC
Hilary Robertson
grey hair, Style Forever partyfcDB7Q1IWk
Michele Varian (right) with one of her many friends

It’s always brilliant to see jewellery designer Wendy Brandes and Mr B. Wendy is wearing her JC Castelbajac razor blades dress; I couldn’t find a velvet party jacket in New York that I liked more than the Hillier Bartley (I’m going to keep an eye on this week’s cyber reductions) and so reverted to The Once in a Lifetime tuxedo. It’s a perennial winner; similar HERE:

Style Forever Wendy Brandes and Paul

It was fantastic to make some new friends, like Michele Varian,  Lyn Slater and Valerie Idiosyncratic Fashionista,  I’ll definitely be in touch with them all, next time I’m in town.

Valerie Idiosyncratic fashionista

And to catch up with old friends, too. My pal Hardeep, below right lives in Harlem and works at Tiffany, living the dream, eh?

Hardeep and Love, Style Forever
Love and Hardeep
Tracey gYyAgghtObkBPAq47Em0
Style Forever NYC zm4c

I’ve known Tracey (middle photo) since our college days in Manchester. Tracey has lived in the US ever since we graduated and I was delighted when she said she was coming down from Boston for the party with her daughter Ella, who is almost college age herself and had been to an open day at NYU.

Style Forever party, Theresa3mI

Thanks to Manhattan Brother there were magnums of Moet and delicious Style Forever cocktails – here’s Teresa, photographer Denton Taylor’s wife, putting her feet up with a Casual Glamourpuss. The French-born artist Paul Vinet exhibits his work at Michele’s store; there were so many wonderful, stylish people, I could go on and on forever…

Style Forever, Paul Vinet
M et Mme Vinet


Apologies if I haven’t included you, I’m going to write another post. In the meantime, news of another book signing: I’m hitting the north on Thursday and will be in Wilmslow signing copies of Style Forever at Black White Denim’s Christmas extravaganza, details HERE.

13 thoughts on “Style Forever New York Party

  1. What a glorious party! This post made me smile from beginning to end. Wish I could have been there amidst old friends and new. Everyone, including you, looks absolutely fabulous. Congratulations Alyson! I’m so happy for your success!

  2. Wow!! Tracey and her gorgeously grown up daughter. Lovely to see the photos. How everyone has flourished since Manchester Poly x

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