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It’s happened. I’m contemplating elasticated waist trousers. Next stop velcro slippers. But these are not the crimplene ‘nan slacks’ my mum wears, these are sporty and stretchy, with a go-faster striped elastic waistband. They’re for speeding up, not slowing down. Let’s call them e-waisters (elasticated wasters), now doesn’t that feel better? I spotted the e-waisters in Uniqlo the other day, after I’d circumnavigated the Carine Roitfeld collection. They’re a lovely woven cotton/linen/spandex blend fabric, like chinos with a sporty twist. And come in lots of colours: sky blue, primrose, khaki, navy, black.

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Sporty e-waisters. They’re the future; available HERE.

24 thoughts on “The elasticated waist trousers you will want to wear

  1. Nothing wrong with more comfortable waistbands. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without harem trousers, not those with a crotch down to my knees I might add……love these trousers though!

  2. Love these – thanks for pointing them out. Funnily enough, as I ordered them – Uniglo decided that I might like some giant slipper things called room shoes… are these an alternative to velcro ones?

  3. I have actually invested in a few elasticated waist trousers from Landsend – great for when I am on a work trip and comfort and smartness need to go hand in hand – especially on planes. They only think lacking was a wide range of colours.

  4. Hi
    I’m not sure of the sizing with these trousers, does medium equate to a 12? Also, do they withstand that bag at the knees or behind? Yet to find the holy grail of the perfect ankle skimming trouser- much like foundation and the perfect biker jacket!!

  5. Ann Goodger, ‘room slippers’ are what you wear inside Japanese houses as you leave your shoes at the door. And then there are ‘toilet slippers’ which you put on at the bathroom door – yes, really!

  6. They look really nice. I am a great fan of elasticated waists as I have a small waist to hip radio and most trousers are too big on the waist. I presume that they sit on the waist. Will try a pair. It should save on alterations.

  7. You may be turning me into a hypocrite of sorts. I REFUSE to wear granny-elastic-waisted pants–but these look really good! And Uniglo is just up the street at the mall. I do have a couple of Uniqlo jeans and I love the fit. But–more than the elastic waist–I’m unsure of the pockets. I’m hippy and have issues with pocket placement. These may not work but the only way I’ll find out is to try them on!

  8. Definitely a step in the right direction. But I’d like to know why manufacturers keep putting in fly fronts and false fly fronts on ladies’ pants. It’s an affectation that emphasizes my most unlovely part!

  9. I have a pair of dressy joggers with an elastic waist in back and flat front pleats & pockets similar to these pants. They are soooo comfortable. I’d love to find a pair of the Uniqlo ones in navy. That is if I knew where I could buy Uniqlo in Canada. I guess some research is in order:)

    1. Uniqlo is opening in Toronto in the fall at Yorkdale and the Eaton Centre. I’ve also heard rumours of a Vancouver store but I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

  10. I have seen them before by other brands known as Comfort Waist. They fit nicely and there is no bulk under your sweater. I only wear them with a top over the waistband, not exposed as in the uniglo pictures. Not sure where you can buy Uniglo in Canada. I like to know something will fit me perfectly before ordering online.

  11. Those slant pockets would look horrible on me. The pockets would puff out and make me look wider. I love pockets but not that style. Eileen Fisher makes pricey, flat front, elastic waist trousers that are comfortable and flattering. I just wait for the sales.

  12. I’ve been wearing elastic waist Eileen Fisher skinny ponte pants almost exclusively for years. After (many) decades of jeans, it finally dawned on me that they are not at all comfortable. I don’t know why the stigma remains about elastic waistbands. These are not the shapeless bags of 30 years ago. The pants I wear now are more flattering than jeans ever were. Things change!

  13. Hi – Thanks for posting, I shall be off to Uniqlo in Paris on Tuesday. I also love their sleeveless “doudoune” and hope they have on in a soft coral colour.
    Bizzz, bizzz,

  14. These pants look really nice and I will try a pair on next time I am at Uniqlo. Nothing wrong with elastic as long as you don’t look like Grandma. But then some grandmas look good. Is Jane Fonda a grandma?

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