A new collection from Jigsaw

— by Alyson Walsh


Belle jacket, available HERE. Hazel trousers, available HERE, silk Dahlia top, HERE

I had a look at Jigsaw’s new limited edition A-Line collection the other day. And I like it. For a while now, I’ve been thinking that Jigsaw is on the up, getting back to its nineties best. When I had my Style Forever London launch party at the brand’s Duke Street Emporium, I had several meetings in-store and noticed lots of lovely bits and pieces. But the A-Line collection takes things to another level. This is quality merchandise; smart, modern and timeless – a beautiful range for grown-up women. It’s a luxury collection and so the prices reflect that, the Belle tailored jacket (above) is £495, and Hazel trousers, £295, are a great cut, come in a gorgeous, wool stretch fabric and are well and truly on my radar. The gold silk Dahlia top (you can just about see underneath the jacket) is another multitasking winner  – and the coats are fab, too.


Cashmere roll neck, available HERE, v-neck, available HERE and trousers, HERE.


Ren coat, available HERE

The brand’s creative director Shailina Parti has worked at Jaeger and is now in charge of Jigsaw’s team of talented designers who come from Paul Smith and Burberry. Both the quality of construction and fabrics used in the A-Line range are excellent, the design is simple and timeless and worth investing in.

More of this on the high street (at a slightly lower price level), please.


Rose coat, available HERE and Myrtle trousers available HERE.

The Telegraph’s Lisa Armstrong has written a more detailed feature on the collection and the designer HERE.


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I had a look at Jigsaw’s new limited edition A-Line collection the other day. And I like it.