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I bloody LOVE this. Ali MacGraw photographed in Santa Fe by Pamela Hanson for Porter magazine. The 78-year-old looks stunning in her Gentlewoman Style meets Georgia O’Keefe outfits, set against the desert landscape.

Céline jacket and trousers, Balenciaga shirt and Church’s boots.
Dior jacket, Needle & Thread skirt, Ariat boots.
The Row shirtdress and Tory Birch slippers.
Dress, The Row

More of this, please.


46 thoughts on “Ali MacGraw looks magnificent in Porter magazine

  1. It’s wonderful to see so many mature & beautiful women, inside & out being used more & more for their views, intelligence & for a natural store of knowledge in today’s media firms. It should be about all of us no matter age or creed or for being born into money, women should not become invisible once they fall off the shelf at 35!

  2. I agree, more please. Talk about real style. Oh well, The Row, don’t they just do everything right? It’s fascinating how those relatively young women, can have such mature, refined style. Thank you for this post!

  3. I like this so much (big fan of Ali McGraw and her style ; ). But I dislike the way they photoshopped her in the first three pictures, it looks so fake. She looks much more beautiful without it.

  4. What a woman! What a role model. Absolutely stunning. Love that Needle & Thread skirt – quite steampunk. Actually love all the clothes. Yes, more please!

  5. Wow! The photography is outstanding and Ali MacGraw (Alyson you’re missing the a) looks amazing. She has always been one of my favorite style icons. She’s living proof that style can and should continue to evolve as we age. Also took note of her perfect posture and fitness. A true inspiration, thanks for sharing! A while back I did a story on her time as one half of Hollywood’s reigning power couple.

  6. Absolutely Gorgeous! The way she is posing shows the amount of confidence she is carrying with herself. Every person on the earth needs to get inspired from her.

  7. LOVED this photo shoot with Ms McGraw, especially in the long grey dress with the hills in the background.

  8. I had the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with her in Santa Fe in the company of two mutual friends. She is as lovely, charming, sincere and natural as she is beautiful. Proof that beauty really does start from the inside.

  9. Ali is simply fabulous. Then and now.
    This is a perfect time to share something I noticed while reading the September issue of VOGUE (US).
    774 pages. Not one grey hair in sight. There was a picture of a blond 80 year old in an ad wishing VOGUE a happy
    125th Birthday. That’s it.
    Very, very disappointing.
    Thank you, once again, Alyson for all you do. We will get noticed.

  10. Love seeing this and your post on it! I went to Brooklyn Museum’s show on Georgia O’Keefe’s clothing. She made many of them in the beginning. This homage–the clothing choices and Ali Macgraw is really good!

  11. She is so beautiful. Such an inspiration to me as I age and watch her age with such grace…. I loved her when we were young. I love her just a much again…..

  12. She is beautiful and holds herself so well. But surely she has had some cosmetic work done to look as good as this at 78? Which is fine.

  13. Perfect bone structure married to wisdom. Who could ask for more?
    Speaking of “More,” I really miss that magazine. Was it sold in England? When it folded the publishers replaced my subscription with “Better Homes and Gardens.” As if.

  14. Her style is inspirational, and she looks to be a wise woman who takes good care of herself 🙂 Can we also please own that having money often offers quality cosmetic procedures as a benefit? (I believe A.G. may have spoken to this herself.) Most of us do not have access to these. Adoring our life stage and the beautiful sense of style Alyson brings to it … Also wanting us to keep it real. Many thanks for the opportunity to voice my thoughts.

  15. What a masterpiece she is. Just wonderful to look at and admire. She looks healthy and happy and comfortable in her own age. Love that.

  16. I love her style, her beauty, the best photo is the one with her wearing the dress standing against the hill. Her stillness and strength is perfectly captured. Hope to look like this when I reach 60. But wait a minute, I am 60!

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