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Amy Leverton’s Denim Dudes is such a great idea for a book. I’m just hoping there’s going to be a sequel – Denim Dames or Chambray Chicks, anyone? From designers to creative directors, the men profiled live and breathe denim, and obviously I’m drawn to the older Denim Dudes, the ones whose faces are as beautifully worn as the fabric they wear:

Maurizio Donadi, co-founder of Conduit Creative Office


Francois Girbaud, designer
Olivier Grasset founder of Dr. Collectors

One of my colleagues Phil is a serious Denim Dude (he wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of this book), so I asked him to look at my review copy and this is what he said:

can thoroughly recommend this publication which although not for
serious Denim-Heads actually covers who’s who in the street style
and vintage denim world. It provides in-depth
visuals of the clothes and interesting commentary to support the dudes
who wear them. It’s going on my bookshelf at home in-between Catcher in
the Rye
and my collection of Men’s File Magazine’.

Author Amy Leverton is a denim expert and Director of Denim and Youth Culture at trend forecasting website WGSN. Denim Dudes is available HERE.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Denim Dudes by Amy Leverton

  1. Hey there, Amy Leverton, author here! I am currently already working on Denim Dames/ Dudettes/ Darlings (title TBC!) Thank you so much for you kind review. The book was a pleasure to put together and I'm pleased it is a pleasure to read!

  2. I am just so thrilled to see this photo of Francois Girbaud! His jeans were the total “it” jeans of the early 80’s. They were considered expensive at the time (I believe I paid 80 USD) but we did what we had to to get our fannies into those pants. How great it is to see what he looks like today! Love his style! Good heavens… What fun your blog is to read and to feast one’s eyes upon!

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