Veruschka, Bert Stern
Veruschka photo: Bert Stern for US Vogue

Once dismissed as pain-inducing lobe-squeezers, I’ve recently come round to clip-on earrings. Over Easter, we spent a few days in the Cotswolds and found a fantastic vintage store, in Cirencester, with an array of wonderful vintage earrings. I had already selected a couple of pairs, when the owner told me that a friend of Shirley Bassey’s used to buy earrings for the singer there. Well, hey Big Spender…I added a few more¬†pairs of (very reasonably priced) statement earrings to the collection. Maybe my pain threshold has gone up as I’ve got older, but I wore a pair the other day, no problem. Resilient lobes. Another thing I noticed recently is that years of wearing chandelier earrings is having an effect; the Saggy Lobe Scenario. It’s just as well I’ve discovered clip-ons.

vintage clipons, ThatsNotMyAge-9
Vintage clip-ons in Cirencester


Vintage fairs, Etsy and ebay are good places to start looking for clip-ons and there are some vintage styles available at John Lewis, vintage and modern styles at Not On The High Street. And if you’re feeling flush, here are a few lobe-enhancing designer clip-ons:

For a list of vintage fairs in the UK, try HERE and HERE.

22 thoughts on “Bring on the clip-on earrings

  1. Be careful with clip-on earrings, as they can create their own problems if worn regularly! I had a friend who only wore clip-ons as she never had her ears pierced, and her lobes had extended dramatically from pulling down to position the earrings!

  2. It’s called Cirencester Antiques Centre & there’s a link in the post, Linda.

    Oh yikes, Hilary, clip-on induced cauliflower ears!

  3. Gorgeous photo of Veruschka, her dress is stunning.
    I didn’t see a vintage shop when we were in Cirencester a fortnight ago. Mind you we found so much great vintage in the chazzas we couldn’t have carried any more! x

  4. Love those styles of clip on earrings and yes they would certainly pinch. the vintage look and that awesome vogue cover dress i would love. thanks for sharing. really enjoying your posts from the caribbean.

  5. I got a vintage set of earrings and brooch from my mom, which belonged to her mother’s cousin or something. I’ve worn the clip-on earrings once or twice – they start out okay, but if I take them off during the day it hurts too much to put them back on! I think I could wear them for an outing or a party, but not for a full day. The kind with little adjustable screws would be better.

  6. SOME HURT others do not………..ONE must try until they find what WORKS for them!I have a few I wear regularly.
    WHAT A BONANZA you found……………where is the photo with your earrings ON??

  7. This brings back memories. I tried some of old clipon earrings when doing a “clean out” recently and unfortunately had too quickly take them off because of the pain, (which is why I stopped wearing them in the first place). Suffering for the sake of fashion was something I left behind a decade, or more, ago! Have a lovely weekend.

  8. This has brought back some bad memories…..clip on earrings (beautiful those these are) & high heels, pain at both ends of the body!

  9. What I do when clip-ons are too tight, is open the clip up.I put my thumb on the part where the clip is glued to the earring, then pull back the other part of the clip. Not much or they will then be too loose! It makes a huge difference.

  10. Thought I was the only person on the planet not to have pierced ears. Have always only worn statement necklaces (no earrings) but now thinking time to move up to the ears instead. Great post, thank you.

  11. I’ve never had my ears pierced and only wear earrings for special occasions – either clip-ons or screw. Some hurt and some don’t I’ve found!

  12. I always wear clip ons as I’m too squeamish to have my ears pierced. ( A friend was mugged years ago and the mugger tore off her earring cutting right through her ear (Gah!) I find that more expensive earrings tend to be more comfortable, particularly silver ones by Scandinavian designers. I buy them on ebay using the search term ‘Scandinavian modernist clip on’.

  13. They make great little pads, that cover the clip, on an earring. If you go to Amazon and search for “clip slips” a few options should come up. I am not certain as to where you could purchase them, personally, vs have them shipped to you. But at least Amazon gives you an idea as to what look for.
    I was introduced to clip slips in the late 90’s and they do make (most) earrings comfortable. There is always that pair that looks great, but feels otherwise.

  14. Love this! I recently helped my 98 year old grandmother clean out her home. 70+ years of jewelry were part of what I was given. The best pieces were her vintage clip earrings and I’ve now been wearing the coolest ones and they really pop with some outfits. I agree you have to find ones that aren’t too painful. I can usually stand a few hours of wear. I hope they come back because there are so many unique beauties out there if you go second-hand shopping! Enjoy yours, Kim

  15. The choice of clip on earrings is so vast and funky and wonderful. Alas, my lobes are like the story of “The Princess and The Pea”. I’m overly sensitive and even though I delivered a ten-pound baby, my lady parts can handle pain much better than my earlobes can! I simply cannot wear clip or screw on earrings!

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