Teal North South tote, £195, available HERE.

When Julie Deane couldn’t find a traditional leather satchel for her daughter, she made one herself. The Cambridge Satchel Company soon followed with Deane and her mum Freda Thomas stitching leather bags at the kitchen table. Over the last seven years, a £600 start-up has turned into a £10 million business. But much as I admire the women and their story, I’ve never liked the idea of satchels for grown-ups. File them in the same category as skateboards and jelly shoes, and quickly move on. But The Cambridge Satchel Company has grown-up, and this new collection of leather tote bags and clutches says super-chic, not overgrown schoolgirl.

East West Tote, £180, available HERE.
Saddle Leather tote, £390, available HERE.


Push Lock Cross Body bag, from £65- £95, available HERE


Cambridge Satchel Company has such a wonderful story and there’s a fantastic video of Julie and Freda telling it,  HERE.


5 thoughts on “The Cambridge Satchel Company grows up

  1. Love that silver one. Satchel…is that what we in Canada would call a knapsack? Or a maybe, looking at the double buckles, a school book bag? Whatever they're called…they're all lovely.

  2. I love that teal one, and it looks like it's quite sturdy. I bought a school satchel years ago in Germany to use as a briefcase, and it's great for keeping files neat. And it'll be around long after I'm gone!

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