To celebrate Paris Fashion Week, That’s Not My Age looks to the 55-year-old French Vogue editor for tips on ageless style:

1. Show off your best bits
‘When you are a woman you have to know what you have good, non? And you have to take advantage. I have two good things. Good legs and good eyes.’

2. Precious moments
‘I say jewellery is better before 25 and after 60, and now 60 is not far off, I am allowed to wear again.’

3. Mix it up
‘I do not like total look. I do not like conformist. I love white shoes in winter, white shoes with black tights, a black bra under a transparent top. I always take the opposite.’

Photo: The Sartorialist
Quotes: The Times

16 thoughts on “Carine Roitfeld’s guide to looking good at any age

  1. Wild Thyme – oh you can always rely on The Sartorialist for a lovely photo.

    Vix, Veshoevius & Wilderness – oh I agree about the jewellery, I love a pair of sparkly earrings! And yes, Vix I spotted the plaster on her knee – maybe it's a fashion statement?

  2. I can't believe she's 55. I really love her style.
    I do think that staying slim goes a long way to looking good, she has such a youthful looking body that looks great in clothes. I'm not sure that I'll be able to slim in my 50's, it too much of a struggle for me.

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