Photo: Lucy Fitter

The khaki jumpsuit always reminds me of the 1970s. When mainstream fashion was shunned for second-hand clothes, military garb and DIY. When the political climate was unpredictable and civil rights, world peace and protest marches prevailed. Sound familiar? I’m not protesting here, I’m on my way to London Fashion Week. Taking a Casually Glamourous approach by juxtaposing the Military Onesie with the Once in a Lifetime Tuxedo jacket and Gucci loafers. The tux is another icon of the 1970s – thank you, Yves Saint Laurent.

Photo: Lucy Fitter

Bumped into my friend Navaz at London Fashion Week note how the colours we’re wearing mirror each other…

As my military jumpsuit is quite big and baggy, I’ve been reining it in (and draft-proofing) with a leather belt. I spotted this picture on Pinterest, today. The caption says it’s from a 1971 copy of Elle magazine:

Long live Khaki Malarkey.

18 thoughts on “Casual Glamour: the jumpsuit and jacket combo

  1. It took many years for me to fall in love with Khaki (& almost as long to get the spelling right) but now that I have my favourite way of wearing it is with baby pink. Cannot pass this colour combo without a long deep swoon…

  2. I always felt that with my coloring I could not wear Khaki, nevertheless I bought a khaki green utility jacket last Fall. The green is just cool enough that I am able to pull it off, especially considering what I wear with it. I was sad when winterweather prevented my wearing it. I even took itinerary a trip to India and wore it almost every day with reds, navy, chambray, and black, accessorizing with scarves or shiny metal jewelry. The true “utility” piece, I don’t know why I was so afraid.

  3. I don’t like it, it reminds me of my dad in his green overalls, just before he started painting the outside of our house, when I was 8, so that’s 40 years ago!

    1. I agree, Chris. I love the look, but with my bladder the way it is nowadays, I’d be spending way too long in the loo. Not too bad at home, but in a public bathroom stall? Nope.

  4. Love the jumpsuit and love the khaki! I was inspired to buy a couple of jumpsuits recently and find them as convenient as a dress but as casual as jeans. They make for an ultra chic or laid-back look – fantastic!

  5. I had a khaki jumpsuit in the eighties but the one I remember best came from Biba in the sixties. It was brown and a work colleague bought one as well……she used to call them our kangaroo suits. She went to a party in hers and dropped the sleeves in the loo!!

    In the eighties I bought a blue one with a zipped front. I wore it when doing a first aid course and just as I was going in to take the exam…..resuscitating a rubber doll… zip broke, and I performed wearing twenty five safety pins!!!

    Neither of these experiences has put me off. I bought a black and white one last year, and now I’ve got my eye on another. Advancing age and my bladder aren’t going to stop me. I love them……especially with the jacket and loafers.

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