I know you’re expecting the grown-up guide to camping, but that would be a very short post: don’t.

Suffice to say that putting up a tent is more stressful than travelling Ryanair forever and Mr & Mr That’s Not My Age came very close to divorce on Saturday afternoon in Southwold.

So, let’s move on to a more cheery topic. Casual glamour. Sartorially speaking, casual glamour is the best way to approach any situation. Even camping. Easy-to-wear, effortlessly chic separates form the basis of the look – take a pair of stretch jeans, khakis, jersey pants, then crank up the glamour-factor with a glitzy top. Or go for a totally pared down look, say, plain cotton trousers and a grey marl t-shirt and pile on some top-notch accessories.

That’s Not My Age has been hankering after this Jaeger London sequin sweatshirt (above) all season – and I haven’t let the ‘pure polyester’ content label deter me. Now this is an exclusive piece, straight from the catwalk but at £299 it would’ve been straight to the overdraft facility, for me. So, I waited patiently for the sales and as soon as it went to 50% off, That’s Not My Age was into the Regent Street store with my gift voucher faster than I could get to the bar at Latitude after the Great Tent Debacle.

Now to prove that the luxe sweatshirt isn’t just a passing fad, I’d like to introduce you to Jaeger’s A/W 2010 collection. Check out that fabulous Lurex hoodie – oh I can’t wait for the January sales!

And here’s my classic grey Athé by Vanessa Bruno version. Perfect for layering up, easy to pack and totally chic – if a little less glamorous than its fancy polyester cousin.

That’s Not My Age spotted Bret Easton Ellis wearing a hooded sweatshirt for his book signing at Latitude, Mr American Psycho even put details of his latest shopping spree on Twitter, “Not to sound too much like Bateman but the James Perse t-shirts and hoodies I bought a week ago are the best clothes I’ve worn in a year…”

And if you’re wondering about the best clothes for a grown-up lady to wear to a summer festival, may I recommend:

A pair of fine jersey Harem pants (nothing too voluminous,these are less droopy than most but they still make my backside look like a prize-winning pumpkin when I sit down) and an eye-catching t-shirt to draw attention upwards and away from the derriére. I’m sporting a Comptoir des Cotonniers wrapover top with sequin shoulders, a Christmas present from Mr TNMA….this year he’ll be getting The Idiot’s Guide to Camping.

23 thoughts on “Casual Glamour

  1. Le monsieur's idea of "camping" is renting an apartment in Paris that requires taking out one's own trash. Me, I can pitch a tent like a Boy Scout.

    Love that Jaeger hoodie. Wish we could buy that brand here.

    I'm too chicken to wear harem pants, though they certainly look quite comfortable.

  2. The tent erecting is enough for me. Panther and I tried it once and we still bear the scars. But then the whole what to wear stuff is fraught. I'm a bit baffled – that grey hoodie worn by the admittedly fairly tasty BEE is exactly like one I'm trying to get the Panther to stop wearing.

  3. DP – as camping novices we really needed some expert advice, shame I didn't have your number on speed dial! I doubt Mr TNMA will ever go camping again, le monsieur has the right idea.

    M – wow Spain's hotter than the inside of our tent. Berlin is fab, you'll have a brilliant time. We hired bikes and cycled all around through the parks/along the canal.

    EA – if it's good enough for BEE…

    CD – if there is a next time, I think Mr TNMA would gladly pay for a luxury hotel.

    Julie – hello and welcome!

    Tiffany – you're not wrong.

  4. TNMA, I'll be glad to be included in your "older" bloggers piece–although I don't really consider myself "older." True, I have children in their forties and fifties, but so wha'? Please let me know how I can contribute to your article–and thanks.

  5. Jaegar is lovley but v expensive. I just saw a gorg dress in the sale reduced from £279 to £79…bargain. Where can I wear it tho?? Talking about camping..I remember going camping in the Lakes with a girl from Blackpool, got woken early by the police and found vomit in the bottom of the tent…Happy Days x

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