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This post comes to you from my sickbed, where, floored by a nasty virus, style has taken a duvet day. Fortunately, Charlotte Rampling has stepped in to provide a last-minute lesson in cool. Over at Paris Fashion Week, Rampling stole the show in a beautiful suede trench coat and sunglasses. Off-the-scale elegance has done me more good than a packet of paracetamol, and this is quite easily the chicest vision I’ve had all week.

Good quality suede doesn’t come cheap and can be a bugger to look after; but the odd torrential downpour doesn’t put us Brits off buying. After the success of their tan suede skirt (now back in stock, HERE), the M&S olive green suede trench coat had sold out before it even hit the stores. I’d recommend specialist treatment at the dry cleaner’s before wearing; using a spray protector is fine on a pair of shoes but when it’s a big expensive coat, take my advice and leave it to the experts. And there are some helpful tips on how to remove water stains HERE. Like leather, I think you just have to accept that suede is going to change as you wear it, and become more beautiful and lived-in with age.

jaeger_suede coat

Seventies-inspired suede is all around and this warm grey coat from Jaeger is beautiful, timeless and soft (available HERE). Ditto Jaeger’s chocolate suede dress (available HERE).

jaeger_suede dress


Here are a few more bits and pieces in sumptuous suede:

14 thoughts on “Charlotte Rampling shows us how to wear suede

  1. There’s nothing like suede. The feel, the smell, the way it drapes… Mood Fabrics in NYC has the most amazing leather and suede section, and I would be happy to show it to you. There are downsides but let’s not talk about that. Take care.

  2. Inspired – Charlotte making an impact in lush suede with just the right amount of understatement. Like you, I too am laid up under a duvet – just the uplift I need! Wish you the best.

  3. Get well soon , Alyson. And as for Charlotte Rampling – she’s someone who is effortlessly stylish. Her suede coat looks lived in but just right. You take care.

  4. Get well soon
    The coat is great,I can almost feel how soft it must be. And sunglasses……..
    I finally got your book,it is fabulous,realy,I like every page. And beautiful drawings,too
    Take care

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