Once in an editorial meeting, to prove a point about year-round style, I layered my autumn clothes over a more summery outfit. When it came to discussing what I had in mind for the spring fashion pages (the meeting was around this time of year), I simply unwrapped myself and swapped knee boots for Birkenstocks. This went down quite well with the editor, who liked her staff to provide the entertainment. To me, style is about uniform dressing – and that basically means wearing the same stuff all year-round, there’s just more of it in winter. Anyhow. When I wrote a piece on layering without cardigans, a reader, rightly, defended the humble knit. Then, I met a friend for coffee last week and she was wearing a lovely, old Lurex cardi over a simple black outfit. I’m calling this a Cardigan Coincidence. So, here are a couple of ways of layering up and looking fabulous, whatever the season.

Boden’s sequin cardi, £209, available HERE. And possible my favourite, this shaggy sheepskin number from Jigsaw (it’s knitted, and hence qualifies as a cardigan), £395, available HERE.

Do you have any year-round style tricks?


15 thoughts on “The Christmas Cardigan

  1. I've wanted a sequin cardi for ages but never found one, oh well. I couldn't live without my cardigans and cardigan jackets, they're so very versatile and comfortable. The other thing I love is having pale Summery colours such as ivory or cream in wintry fabrics and vice versa.

  2. Vintage stores have those beautiful 50's cardigans with lovely beading and stones and what have you. Not my style (a bit too femmy for me) but I've been inspired by that Boden number. Something like that but a bit longer in the torso and the sleeve and I'm there.

  3. I think that Jungle Siren has the right idea. A vintage 50's style cardigan with some baubles on it would be fun…and not require a major cash investment. "Baubles" are great, but definitely not worn any other time of year…at least by boring old me!
    Of the ones pictured here…I like the Boden sweater best.

  4. I have this vision of myself wearing liberty print dress with chunky cardigans and Timberland boots (I moved to Sweden and the streets are icy at the moment…). A bit like Alicia Silverstone in that Aerosmiths video.
    Coming to think of it, maybe a bit more like Alicia Silverstone's mother haha.

  5. Love that shaggy maroon sheepskin, it reminds me of my blue fake fur jacket I've worn to death over the last couple of years.
    Is it normal £395 on an item of clothing or is it a London thing?

  6. Always black levis.
    Jeans and white shirt.
    Silver bracelets/bangles.
    My vintage suede jacket for spring
    and autumn. Over black levis.
    Black suede or patent slingbacks.
    Sorted. Can go anywhere now.

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