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Still thinking about navy – and how a splash of mustard adds warmth to a deep blue winter outfit. To prove it I’m reissuing a photo of my COS swing coat. This winning colour combination has timelessness and travels well (I’m also thinking about my New York trip this week). My Outstanding Coat is a couple of years old, and a quick whizz around the internet reveals there are not many coats of this colour, this season. Mmm…hardly an ochre overload; Jigsaw’s warm spice, wool trench coat is your best bet. And there are plenty of other mustard highlights to be had.

There’s a chapter on Mastering Colour and Contrast in Know Your Style. Saffron and navy selection coming up:

15 thoughts on “Cool colour combinations: navy and mustard

  1. Looking beautiful! I love Navy and Mustard together, it just pops! I have a mustard colored cargo style jacket that I wear in the fall/winter/spring, (I live in Florida) and I’m going to pair my navy top and jeans….great outfit idea. Thanks!

  2. Great look. I’m loving the ochre and mustard colors this season, especially combined with navy.
    It was so good to see you in Paris. Have a wonderful time in New York!

  3. Perfect timing! I picked up a navy jumper from M&S Friday (encouraged as I was by your post last week) and now I shall pull my mustard wool pencil skirt out of storage so I can wear them together. Thank you for helping me visualise my wardrobe possibilities by sharing your ideas and photos!

  4. I never think about using the mustard color with the navy; more with a deep brown, but this is just gorgeous. I’m beginning to get my closet re-arranged with more fall/winter clothing and this will definitely be a look to put together. Thank you!

  5. My favourite, all-time colour combination!
    I had an ‘epiphany’ over the weekend and it was quite shocking! I have tried for well over a year to look cool and sophisticated (hmm???) in neutrals – black, navy, loads of grey with teensy pops of colour. I am FED UP, in fact, borderline depressed with myself not to mention tired and lehargic. Seriously. The conclusion hit me like a ton of lovely rusty red coloured bricks that I needed colour in my clothing. My friends all look lovely in tasteful neutrals and black accessories – I do NOT. Lightbulb moment. This morning I have bagged up all my blah blah greys and suchlike and bunged them in the spare room and cracked out my favourites again. Rusty reds, ochre, mustard, rich greens, jewel brights with some cheerful costume jewellery (plastic, bakelite etc) and stored away the oh so tasteful silver jewellery , black boots and bag. I can feel my happy seeping back into my very soul. Maybe the point here is to be true to yourself?

  6. I think we all love this gorgeous combination, I have loved mustard since schooldays when I wore a 1940s jumper with the utility mark scavenged from my grandmother’s wardrobe!
    My current mustard fix bought a few weeks ago is a jumper by Sessun which looks cool with navy wide leg trousers and olive suede brogues.
    My new love is for Bonne Maison socks which lift my usual neutral outfits .I used to hate loud socks but suddenly I’m a fan!

  7. I love grey and mustard but my school uniform was navy and mustard (including a bumble bee like stripe jumper) and I just can’t get past it. You look fabulous though

  8. Do you think mustard goes better if your hair is blonde or brunette, not gray? I just ditched a mustard sweater because it brought out the yellow in my white/gray hair. Have you found this? or maybe the navy offsets it? It was never a great color near my face w/o a bit of a tan anyway.

  9. Alyson as ever you look good and relaxed in this outfit. I do wear mustard with dark denim. I have a ribbed pullover from Toast a few winters ago and a Spanish mustard handbag. Colour certainly has made a comeback recently. It brightens the complexion too.
    Enjoy New York.

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