Jaeger linen t-shirt
Linen casual t-shirt, available HERE.

One of my old editors had a list of ‘banned substances.’ Snake print was not allowed on the fashion pages (largely based on a fear of snakes, fortunately we don’t have many of those in London) and neither was linen. Particularly the lovely crumpled, typically English variety. Shame, that. I know this is all beginning to sound a bit Devil Wears Prada but seriously, I could trump the Cerulean Blue scene, no problem. Mmm… maybe that’s my next book. Anyhow. I like linen. It’s cool, it’s absorbent, it’s a perfect summer fabric. Jaeger’s linen is excellent quality and I noticed it’s on sale, right now.

jaeger orange linen tunic
Linen casual tunic, available HERE.

There are some lovely dresses, trousers, shirts and tunics. Definitely worth a look.

Jaeger white linen shirt-image_3
Linen casual shirt, available HERE.
Jaeger navy linen dress-image_1
Linen tunic dress, available HERE



linen t-shirt jaeger
Linen casual t-shirt, available HERE.


NB: These items have been selected for you from a pile of ‘stuff’.

25 thoughts on “Cool summer linen

  1. Lovely stuff, Alyson. Yes, I too love linen, and the clear lines of the dress and the plain block colours you’ve given us today, they’re all a wonderful contrast to the colours of last week, but each to their own as we should wear exactly what suits us. Back to linen – I wore a linen skirt yesterday – it was so crumpled at the end of the day! Lovely as linen is you have to factor that in every time you wear it.

  2. I’ve been thinking about a new white shirt lately and your linen post has got me thinking. Love the casual one from Jaeger. I have some high waist boyfriend jeans from Toast, what’s the verdict Alyson – does one tuck a shirt in after forty or does it make a lady look like an eighties reject? Is it something only under thirties or over sixties can get away with? And I never did figure out the underwear rule with a white shirt – beige or what? Is a dark bra hideous or sexy? So many questions, so many rules….

  3. Lovely Jaeger. Fantastic sales, too. I love that scene from TDWP so much; it’s quite amazing how many times , and how many people quote it and then laugh guiltily.

  4. I love linen. Love it ironed, iron it myself, love it 10 mins after wearing, and hours later. Always looks as if you made an effort, and so comfortable in warmer weather.

  5. Elizabeth – tuck it in! But keep it quite loose so that it doesn’t look too neat. And personally, I like coloured underwear that shows beneath a shirt or top. Not always appropriate but for more casual days when you’re running around. I’m going to do a post about this, thanks.

    Sue – yes, I love the Cerulean Blue scene too. Watched it about five times when I was putting this post together

  6. Got to agree, linen can be very stylish (so long as it’s not to crumpled!) . Collard and Manson do some fabulous, slightly quirky, linen tops that look great on ‘older’ women 🙂

  7. Love the linen tops and LOVE the sandals! I don’t recognize them — can you share info on them?
    Enjoying your posts!

  8. I’d like to see some style mag/blog photos of linen garments as they look after an hour of wear . . . please.

  9. I love linen and these tops–especially the orange and bright blue–look perfect for summer. It gets so humid where I live that linen is wonderful.
    Yes, it wrinkles but the beauty and gorgeousness of linen outweighs the wrinkles. I’ve several pairs of linen pants that I wear a lot in the summer. I just ignore the wrinkles.

  10. I am not going to fret over crumpled linen. It’s part of the charm. Think Katharine Hepburn in The African Queen.

  11. I like linen but…not too much of it. Linen skirts look like tea towels after one sit down. And there is a definite tendency to go voluminous in linen. Result is more medieval peasant than cool summer soul. A linen shirt is bliss. Also: there is a certain smugness about linen. I’m arty, me. Bit deep. Expressive dancer.
    Ta for sorting the stuff.

  12. Theres an American company called vidid which sells just linen. I have been gearing myself up to buy from them as I know sending it back will be a palaver, but the shirts look lovely. And are not shown on teenage models!

  13. Lovely – very simple shapes and no pattern, some days that is exactly what is needed, bliss. However in Glasgow I still haven’t put away the woolly-pullies as the summer is a washout so far. Linen is not so fabulous under a big jersey – but then not much is

  14. To me there is something seductive about rumpled linen. As if you are so fabulous, you have people to attend your every need and spend your days lounging under the shade of an ancient tree only to rise for afternoon tea rumpled, content and oh so fabulous.

    IN fact am donning it today to TREK to the BIG CITY I live close TOO.
    My new find is LINEN SHEETS!!!OMG!Tossing all the old cotton ones!!!

  16. I love linen. Tissue weight, mid weight and heavy weight. Wrinkles be damned. There’s nothing better in hot weather. I love the lines of that dress.

  17. I don’t love the mess of linen but I LOVE Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep steals the entire movie…along with Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci.

  18. Love linen too Alyson. Have had to buy a new basics wardrobe this year due to losing weight and have bought a number of linen tshirts from Next in lovely inky blues!
    Great post, have a wonderful week! 🙂 Xx

  19. “Devil Wears Prada” was considered a training video in our house for one of my young daughters who to this day adores the movie and fashion and somehow has the style genes that I missed. I’ve learned to embrace linen, and have some wonderful pieces that can go casual (baggy cargoes) or dressy for work (a simple, gray sleeveless high-necked top pairedwith a coordinating midi skirt).

  20. One option for those who want the texture and coolness of linen is a linen “blend” – but not with polyester, with RAYON. Rayon is a manufactured-plant based fiber that brings drape, absorbency and breathability to the table. Combined with linen, one has the best of both worlds….and you won’t look as wrinkled by the end of the day!

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