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While I recover from Beach Brain, here are some fabulous photos of Daphne Selfe. The 87-year-old model has written a book The Way We Wore about her ‘life in clothes’ (a memoir based on her diaries) and it’s out now. Having worked with Daphne as a fashion editor, I can vouch for her wonderful, enthusiastic attitude  – and brilliant posture, achieved by doing her own version of yoga, every day. The new author has said ‘I creak a bit but I do look after my health.’

I think she’s more beautiful now than when she started modelling in 1950…

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Daphne Selfe-b4f4-15a82f82267d
Photos: Gary Heery for Sunday Style.

17 thoughts on “Daphne Selfe: The Way We Wore

  1. Hi, I have ordered the book, I think she is amazing and I cant wait to read it, whatever she does on a day to day basis we all need to be doing it ! Don’t know if any one alse caught it but she was on Lorraine this week and her interview was fantastic, What a woman !

  2. MY mouth is AGAPE with that photo of her and that HAT!LOVE The first outfit too!!!!!
    A STUNNING woman with that LONG hair!NO ONE DOES THAT ANYMORE!
    Did you tell us where to buy the book……..?I must GET IT!

  3. Tracy – we need to do our ‘own version of yoga’ or Daphne’s version of yoga – that could be her next book!
    La Contessa – the styling is FAB! And there is a link to the publisher’s website (panmacmillan.com) within the post.

  4. Daphne is simply more proof of my never ending argument with editors of magazines targeted at women over 40 about their refusal (in the main) to have the nerve/creativity/foresight (take your pick) to feature older models on their fashion pages. I defy any twenty-something model to look as stunning as Daphne in those outfits.

  5. What an inspiration. Just being able to have healthy enough hair that can be worn that long is a testament to her healthy lifestyle and great attitude. She is an inspiration and someone to look up to.
    Vivre Age Perfect and thank you for showing us,

  6. Daphne is a fabulous example of how to mature with style: with care for our selves, our bodies and our minds. I accidentally discovered pix of her a while ago and was blown away to think that getting older can mean getting fitter, getting sexier, staying stylish, and reaching our full potential. It’s NEVER too late! ☺ Looking forward to Daphne’s book. L.

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