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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been channeling my inner ‘Child of the 70s’. Going to festivals, rocking out to The Rolling Stones and swinging my flared pants. There’s always one failsafe fabric in my wardrobe: denim. Black, white, dark indigo; denim is timeless, functional and durable. To me, it’s the perfect year-round staple. I’ve had these Levi’s dark denim, flared jeans (similar HERE, lighter wash/less expensive HERE) for almost 20 years and will happily double them up. Once a Denim Dame, always a Denim Dame… I never wash them but prefer the occasional trip to the dry-cleaners to retain the inky blue.

The unwashed, western-style jacket is from Le Kilt’s denim range. In keeping with Scottish-born designer Samantha McCoach’s singular vision, the line is small, sustainable and made in the UK. The denim jacket features wool pockets made from kilt fabric off-cuts, when I interviewed McCoach for the FT she said, ‘There’s so much wastage in the fashion industry. We work with really expensive fabrics and it shouldn’t be discarded. I wanted to take our classic kilt fabric and reappropriate it.’

I like to support small businesses and champion the ‘Best of British’ but often these items have a higher price tag. Also made in the UK, Community Clothing’s dark denim is excellent quality and comes in at a more purse-friendly price.

The leather shoulder bag is from Ferian, handmade in the west Midlands using vegetable dyed leather (the denim jacket and leather bag were loaned for the Know Your Seasonal Style shoot and returned).

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16 thoughts on “Doubling-up in dark indigo denim

  1. Double denim. I love it. I want to. But I just cant do it. I don’t know why. The force aint strong enough I guess. You look super fierce though.

  2. You look excellent. I have so loved watching you up your game – even if you don’t dress like this all the time, you sure as heck can do it when you want to.
    I have a question for you. I attended my daughter’s daytime medical school graduation ceremony. I realize that daytime events are HARD for those of us who don’t like faff and do like denim. What would you wear to a wedding shower, or a graduation, or brunch? I’m going to post my thoughts on Saturday – if you have had time to put any thoughts in a reply here I am totally going to tell everyone to come and see what Alyson says;).

  3. To Lisa, I would go in a linen long top and trousers. I find that white linen can be dressed up or down (keep the shapes simple). Throw on a bright pattern scarf and flat shoes (Converse/Birkenstock or a Moroccan slipper are options). If not white go for a beige/pale blue/pastel tone (always harder to match colours though). Alternatively white linen trousers, a simple vest and a kaftan top (the Indian ones with mirrors are fab). I think as long as you have some accessory that’s slightly boho you an dip in the direction of smart and casual. It’ll all depend on the bag and shoes and hair up or down. As the event wears on, the linen fabulously creases, you kick your shoes off, your hair tumbles down and you’re back at Woodstock!

  4. Lias
    The advice I got on this subject from pals was to keep it low key, just a notch up on casual. So, for this years graduation ( last one!) i’m wearing a linen jacket and ankle grazer trousers out of Jigsaw in shell pink, a white T, blush pink loafers andmatchng Crossbody saddle bag. Nothing new so I can quaff the vino without fear and all comfy. I would be wearing my best white sneakers, but loafers are a nod to formal. Enjoy,

  5. Graduation outfits when I did them ten years ago were a linen or silk dress with a linen blazer and flat sandals or ballet pumps. Well cut hair and some nice jewellery to add character like bracelets which I wear every day and necklaces. Not too mother of the bride in look. Those I went to for BSc and BA degrees involved professional photographers. So the game needed to be upped to look reasonable photogenic And to endure the test of time. Lay outfits out try them on and be comfortable in what you are wearing. Have a good day and event.
    On denim, for me double denim never. Dark jeans yes washed by hand with special wash. Never cleaners for denim but I don’t have expensive ones. Mine I wear with a khaki army style jacket but jeans jacket. But saw a red denim jacket in Zara which might look cool. Alyson as ever looks good knowing her style

  6. I love the emphasis on “Made in the UK.” Quality, great details, and very gentlewoman. You look comfortable, elegant (with a tomboy vibe) and comfortable. I’m envious that you can (literally) rock a pair of jeans you owned 20 years ago!

  7. Oops! Didn’t mean to say “comfortable” twice in my first post. Although, you do look very comfortable. 😉

  8. Thanks for introducing The Kilt to me. While I won’t be wearing any of their gorgeous kilts any time soon (as I live in Marina del Rey, California), their denim pieces are gorgeous!

  9. Alyson, In response to Lisa’s question re/how does a casual dresser do dress, could you perhaps expand on your answer.?..A posting on your blog with your excellent advice would be great…THX…

  10. Double denim is a tricky one for me so will leave it to you, Alyson. (Rolling Stones concert – you lucky woman!). However, I do love a flare – I feel slimmer, taller and more in proportion when I am wearing my antiquated Gap Long and Leans. My bum seems to look marginally better too. Quite a fan of full on palazzo trousers too with a fitted top. I am a casual dresser now that I no longer work in an office and consider that I look smarter and younger when I am comfortable. Stick me in a dress and heels and I feel waaay older as if I have raided someone else’s wardrobe. Plus the problem of milk bottle legs and thread veins. (Attractive??!). Jeans/trousers and a jacket cover just about all eventualities -just bung on a scarf/statement jewellery/lipstick to snazz it all up. Swap trainers/Birkies for loafers/ brogues/ankle boots and I am done.

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