Shot for Sainsburys Magazine 2016
Photo: Mark Harrison

Wear something colourful and spring-like came the edict from Sainsbury’s magazine when they asked me to organise a shoot focusing on fabulous women aged Fifty And Beyond. Or what I refer to as FABsters; a word coined in my book Style Forever as a positive way to describe our powerful and brilliantly stylish demographic. We are Generation FAB. Gathering a group of inspirational women together was quite straight-forward, FAB line-up from the left: textile designer Charlene Mullen, yours truly in ridiculous shoes, founder of Hope Fashion Nayna McIntosh and milliner Thelma Speirs. More of a concern was the concept of the colourful, spring-like outfit. ‘Does denim count as a colour?’ I wondered as I chucked everything I owned that wasn’t grey or navy into a bag. Having deliberately chosen women with differing personal style, I managed to get away with an olive green pleated COS top, J.Crew earrings, jeans and my lovely tweed blazer. A Christmas gift from Mr That’s Not My Age:

Shot for Sainsburys Magazine 2016
Photo: Mark Harrison

The shoes are vintage Miu Miu and one of a couple of pairs of ‘just in case’ heels that escaped the New Year decluttering frenzy. Though I do tend to stick to neutrals, I have been embracing a little more colour recently. What with my red 1970 Bella Freud jumper and this Sonia Rykiel favourite teamed with faux fur (below). It’s an oldie and hence no longer available, but if you’re looking for a gorgeous, colourful cashmere sweater try Chinti & Parker, J. Crew or Boden:

That's Not My Age-cashmere stripes

Sainsbury’s FAB March issue is out now. Here are some more statement jackets and stripy sweaters:

And while we’re on the subject of Fabsters…

I was very shocked over the weekend, to discover a new site using the term ‘Fabster’ as part of its USP, together with my explanation but no attribution. As this is someone who was at my book launch, I am hoping it’s an omission rather than blatant intellectual property theft. I have alerted TNMA’s legal team who will be looking into copyright issues. One thing I love about blogging is the wonderful like-minded women that I have met both online and in person, the community and the camaraderie. In almost eight years, I have never had this kind of problem before, which unfortunately makes it all the more upsetting. Hopefully it’s an issue that will be resolved shortly.

23 thoughts on “Fabsters – fabulous women aged 50 and beyond

  1. Great post. Loving the colour – and that is from someone who, like you, is rather too drawn towards navy blue, grey and black.
    You do right to pursue the infringement issue. It is not fair when someone does that and I hope it is just a mistake on their part.

  2. Found the site; I would say it’s blatant use. Too organized around the phrase to be an omission.
    I’m in the US and am unsure what the laws are in the UK. Is one able to ‘Coin a phrase’ in the UK? And ‘own’ said phrase?
    Years ago I created a product and had the name trademarked and that was seriously legal business.
    I sincerely hope your legal team can help you settle this issue. It feels uncomfortable because it feels like something has been
    stolen from you. Unfortunately, it also feels like business as usual for the unscrupulous among us.

  3. You deserve the credit for your work and your own branding; End of story. Very poor taste, unstylish, and not at all fabulous to take another’s intellectual property.

  4. I suppose all acronyms that segue into common parlance are the idea of one person originally . As you feel very strongly, contacting the person who has been using it for a public acknowledgement of its source would seem to be the best option.

    Like your outfit , the top from Cos especially cool.

  5. The 3 women and you all look fab. Being ‘comfortable in your own skin’ allows a person to develop their own individual style that can carry them confidently in any situation .
    Justifiably you must be feeling quite let down by the person using ‘Fabster’ in their USP. I hope this issue resolves itself soon. On the flip side, this breach of ethics also indicates how influential you are in the fashion industry and blog world. It’s always a pleasure to read your work.

  6. You ladies look “fantabulous” (a word we use here in the good ole USA)!!! I must say that color in an older women’s wardrobe is wonderful! I think of my late Mother who died suddenly a few years ago @ the age of 88 and how people who knew her still desribed the way she dressed– And I’m quite fortunate that I inherited, not only her sense of style, but the unusual color scarves and embroidered wraps she wore (as well as the gorgeous vintage jewelry to go eith sll of the above). Thank you for this post, your blog and the Miu Miu shoes of which I am HUGE fan♥

  7. Bloody hell I just googled the phrase & “she” popped up first! You must be seething?
    On a happier note – your babes are hot 😉
    Go Girls!

  8. I love. L.O.V.E. your shoes and I love the way they match the nail color! Actually, I love your entire ensemble. I’m jelly because I am so basic and don’t have the creativity to put an outfit together the way you do. It could possibly be the many years of my wearing uniforms to school. I also love the outfits the other women are wearing too. It’s great to see mature women in beautiful clothes rather than twenty somethings.

    Listen–I saw that “fabster” site and I’m really shocked! That’s just wrong on so many levels and I hope that you have “Fabster” copyrighted. You need to own YOUR brand.

    Best to you!

  9. That brick red and chartreuse? olive? green combo has always been a favorite and you wear it brilliantly! Fie on people who appropriate ideas without attribution, and I hope it’s resolved soon.

  10. Love this photo and your outfit is my personal favourite! And those jeans . . . exactly what I have been craving for ages without any luck in finding? May I ask which make are they?

  11. What a blooming cheek! I hate copycats.
    Fab photo, love your shoes and that olive green top looks great with the tweedy blazer. xxx

  12. If you know the person who is using the word “fabsters” you can at least ask for attribution. Unfortunately, this kind of borrowing or theft is rife on the interwebz. I wrote some pieces on architecture for, and they’re now on other sites, sometimes with my name and sometimes not. But they were stolen from Smarthistory either way. I hope you can get the credit you deserve in this case.

    I love seeing the differing styles of your fabsters here. And between you and Twiggy, I’m inspired to embrace my love of blazers and jeans. I try other styles from time to time, but the gentlewoman look feels best.

  13. Such an inspiring picture! I am nervous about wearing colour and cling desperately to navy and black but this shows how great it can look when you get it right. Your shoes are fabulous – but I am a bit of ‘heelaholic’!

  14. COLOR!!!!
    THAT would be ME!
    Love the GREEN………MY bathroom is that COLOR!It’s MY FAVORITE room in the HOUSE!
    As for that person “BORROWING” your LINE………..I will have POSITIVE thoughts that SHE got back to YOU and FIXED that little problem!!!!

  15. Hi Alyson I love the blog, I too am over 50 and recently embraced more colour in my wardrobe with good feedback from fily and friends has been positive love the jacket is it bad foem rto ask where it hails from ? am from Dublin Republic of Ireland. Marie looked at Saar online using the translate function, an interedting magazine

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