Have I told you how much I like Boden’s fancy pants? Not Johnnie’s Y-fronts  – oh, and now I have an image of Mr Boden standing outside his London HQ, trouser-less, a la Walter White. I blame the jet-lag. And the Breaking Bad Marathon. Anyhow. Taking no notice whatsoever of that nonsense about horizontal stripes, I’ve got my eye on the Statement Ankle Skimmers (above). I’ve seen them in real life, on a real person, and they look fantastic. Now that The Year of Grown-Up Glamour has commenced, I’m trying not to wear jeans, all day, everyday. Boden’s Bistro Crop is a pretty good alternative  – a brilliant fit, comfy and inexpensive – I have a pair in plain navy, and below is a better view of the floral print version I wore to the Google+ Hangout:

With a pair of Pointed Slingbacks. Like these (but pink). Actually, I quite fancy Ankle Skimmers and matching shoes: doing the Double Stripe. How about that, eh?

Hope your New Year is off to a good start, as you can probably tell, I’m still in a bit of a tizzy with jet-lag and the like. More/less coffee required.

10 thoughts on “Fancy Pants from Boden

  1. I'm a recent convert to Boden. Not too pricey shipping to Australia, super fast, and dresses with pockets (yes!). I'm going to Japan next week and had to find winter work dresses in a hurry and Boden was a great find. I like those pants but wonder how they look on the less than svelte? Very much enjoying your grown up glamour series.

  2. I got a pair of what Spouse calls Party Pants about 18 months back. They are off-white and black, from Max Mara, so a bit of a splurge, but I have worn them WAY more often than I expected and I get compliments every time I wear them.

    Apparently my Boden gold booties are on their way too …

  3. Nancy – I think, styled differently, these pants could be worn by the less than svelte. They'd look good with a loose white shirt or a blazer. Mmm…might have to do a follow-on post.

    Tiffany – Party pants have got staying power!

  4. I would absolutely wear these . . . although at the moment I'm trying to let the wardrobe just be, without augmentation, so I can see what's there, post Christmas, post-weight loss. . . I can see wearing fancy pants quite often and can already think of a few tops that would work with them . . .

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