Alyson Walsh;;
I’ve got my new jeans on…Photo: Dvora @Fashionistable

Not too skinny, not too baggy-saggy-boyfriend-style, with a comfy mid-rise and a slightly cropped leg – I think I’ve found the perfect pair of summer jeans. As J Brand are one of the top everyday denim brands listed in my book Style Forever, I was pleased to discover the Ellis Crop. On sale (now half price at Nordstrom who ship to the UK; available HERE). My favourite pair of threadbare, old Levi’s are on their last legs (see below). The denim is lovely – soft, faded and full of holes. I still wear them and want to hang onto them as long as possible but appreciate the risk involved. In the late eighties, I was quite happy to walk round in ripped jeans with my bum hanging out, but now it’s just a glimpse of knee, for me. And do I prefer it when rips are the result of natural wear and tear, not man-made. Granted the day will come when the gaping crotch finally gives out but these new replacement jeans will allow me to treasure my old Levi’s a little while longer. And then, rather than going all Tala Alamuddin, I’ll turn them into a Japanese-inspired Boro.

Alyson Walsh;;
My favourite old Levi’s. Photo: Dvora @Fashionistable

There is something really fresh, summery and Mediterranean about blue and white stripes. This cotton tunic shirt from J. Crew. is my other sale bargain which, alas, has now sold out. Similar-ish is this Trademark cotton shirt, available HERE:



Matches shirt_1011256_1


Here are some alternative easy breezy blue & white tops and a selection of summer jeans to love to bits:

17 thoughts on “Finding the perfect pair of jeans

  1. Love your jean info! Also love the pic of you-it is an inspiration for me to lose the unwanted pounds I’ve recently gained! I’ll be checking out J brand. It’s funny though, my fave jeans are ever-so-slightly cropped, skinny, a tad faded and have clean lines. I found them on the clearance rack at Ann Taylor Loft for 9.99 and through thicker and thinner, always get compliments when I wear them!

  2. Wide, HORIZONTAL stripes are never a good look and the placement on the Trademark shirt could not be worse. Yikes!

  3. Your new jeans look fabulous! It’s great to find a pair that feel like they were made for you. I have a couple of favorite pairs that I “baby” and will try to hold onto for as long as I can….

  4. I rather like the Tan Leather wedges your wearing in both pics? are they “old faithfuls” or can I buy them anywhere now?

  5. Those are great, and you, unsurprisingly, look fabulous! I’m a J Brand fan as well, although my summer faves right now are the newer incarnation of Levis 501s, a cleaner (slimmer) boyfriend, in a Rolling Fog wash. . .

  6. Like these jeans and you look great,so confident and positive! Here is to hot but you make me change my mind and take my jeans on holliday with me. Just in case! I loved Lewis jeans,have to check them again……

  7. Thanks for this. I’ve been thinking about jeans lately. Moving on from my skinny jeans and looking for something that looks good but is comfortable too. A friend has a nice pair of Gap jeans and yours look great too. Trouble is everyone’s a different size so one woman’s perfect jeans is another’s fashion disaster! Glad of the pointer in the right direction though….

  8. Those jeans are pretty perfect. All summer I have been doing posts that are experiments about jeans and denim. It was really hard to find jeans because I am actually short. I have been yearning for nostalgic reasons for a pair of flares but by the time I hem them they are no longer flares! I read that Madewell is coming out with petite sizing on flares for the Fall and I have my fingers crossed!

    Accidental Icon

  9. Polly/Rachel – the sandals are old faithfuls I’m afraid, another sale bargain from last summer.

    Lucy – the Levi’s are Patty Anne (square cut, slim leg) but they are at least 10 years old and I’m not sure you can still buy them.

  10. Lovely photo, I find jeans are so hard to get right – I am short and built a bit like a corgi, so after years of looking even dumpier and stumpier than I really needed I have come to the conclusion simple really is the way to go. Your book and website really has been so helpful – even the 20yr old approves of my more recent sartorial choices (I have yet to tell her that I don’t necessarily want to look like a 20yr old – but I would like her gazelle legs)

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