Photo: of Brigitte Chartrand by Acielle at Style du Monde

Recovery, repair, recuperation. I’ve been mending clothes and mending myself over the last week. Just like a teacher falling ill at the end of term, now that the draft copy of Book Number Two is with my editor, I’ve come down with a horrible virus. Prior to this, my favourite pair of ancient, black Acne jeans split along the back seam (more falling apart). Mostly I was alarmed that I’d been out at work all day and wasn’t sure when the gaping hole had appeared; and then it dawned on me that my Time-saving Black Trousers would have to be repaired. By an expert. Leaving not exactly a gaping hole in my wardrobe but a smallish gap. As with Emmanuelle Alt and Canadian fashion buyer Brigitte Chartrand (above), black jeans are part of my Wardrobe Glue. They get me out of the house in the morning. The old favourites needed a break and I didn’t have a reserve.

I had a quick look at Levi’s, J.Crew and APC  –  I think it’s also worth mentioning that Hobbs makes its jeans at the same factory as Joseph (or so I was told last year when I did some work with the brand). My old favourites are back in business now, I was wearing the new APC pair in last week’s post (with the animal print coat; available HERE) and so for the time being, at least, I’m forever in black jeans.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. CAN’T WAIT for your new book to come out ! I clicked on that gorgeous red biker jacket and my eyes are still watering !!

  2. I always have more than one pair of black jeans in my wardrobe. Love the APC ones but they don’t provide the inside leg measurement on their website; they are not the only ones to omit this essential piece of information and I find it very annoying. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Feel better Alison…I had a horrible virus last summer……it will leave….but just rest.
    Looking so forward to your book….but mend first…

  4. Alyson! I wrote a blog post yesterday about jeans! You have to try AG jeans! The brand has black jeans and the fit of AG jeans is incredible! I purchased my 4th pair this weekend and ordered a 5th last night!
    The boots in that photo have me drooling!! Feel better!!! Bed rest and broth!!!!

  5. My next purchase as my old faithfuls have finally given up on me. Recommended brands everyone. It seems to me that everytime I find a brand I like,something changes….and I have to start the whole process again which always seems to involve trying on at least ten pairs! Ideas please.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! For years I wore the Rag and Bone jeans you show above, which are comfy but fade very quickly. New favorite is my just bought Citizens of Humanity Hi-Rise Black Rocket jean. These are a great pair of black jeans! I have the J Crew also, but don’t love the fabric – it’s stiff and does a better job of picking up lint than a Swiffer!

  7. I love black jeans- I always have at least two pair, but right now I have three pair! I agree with Catherine above that AG black jeans are wonderful! Paige jeans are also great- deep black that keeps its color well.

  8. Most of my favorite jeans are AG jeans, but I’ve also had great luck with Rag & Bone Jeans in the Dre cut and I have a pair of J. Crew jeans in the high waisted cut that fit rather well. 2 pr. black jeans, 2 pr. “nice” jeans, 4 pr. white jeans, 1 pr. grey jeans, 1 pr. olive green jeans and 2 pr. “distressed” jeans and still I’m lusting…

  9. Black jeans are great. Can’t think why I didn’t replace my last pair. But they’re on the list for spring. About that Canadian fashion buyer in the photo. While I like her boots, jeans, and jacket…those sweatshirt sleeves just made me chuckle. But I guess it IS winter so…sleeves as gloves?

  10. Love black jeans. Latest pair is Frame, high rise straight leg. Feel better, it’s been a horrible year with viruses, hasn’t it?

  11. Fading has been mentioned. My secret for getting more wear out of faded black or dark blue (jeans, slacks, tops) is a dye refresh in the washing machine. “Rit Dye” packets or pre-mixed bottles, follow the package directions, and you’ll get many more wears out of your favorite garments. Works better with all cotton, not as well with poly fibers.

  12. I love my black jeans. They feel a little more finished than blue jeans, which I also love. I currently have four pairs of black jeans to reach for in my closet. One pair of baby boot cut, one slim leg, and two skinny. I find FD and NYDJ fit me well. I’m tall with not much of a bum. Not sure where it went. If anyone finds it, please return.
    I love that intense colour. Red is my favourite colour. I just bought a gorgeous red leather jacket last week, but have yet to wear it. Our weather turned cold and we’ve had three days of snow. It’s not suppose to happen on the wet coast. Please send our temperate weather back.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon. It has to feel good to have finished yet another book. Congratulations!

  13. Black jeans are a wardrobe staple for me, too. At 5’4″ with short legs, I find that Paige denim ankle jeans are the right length for regular jeans for me. I also like the Levis 512 boot cut jeans in the short length.

  14. I never wear black jeans. Don’t know why. Indigo all the way. Anyway, congratulations Alyson on finishing book 2! No wonder your body has collapsed. Book yourself a quick week in the sun in the next couple of weeks and you’ll be brand new for Spring. Feel better!

  15. Ah, good old jeans! My fave black ones are Escada, which make my bootay look much better than it deserves.

    But my favorite jeans this winter have been old standard-issue 501s. With rolled up cuffs and stompy leather boots I pair them with a white shirt or a black turtleneck, a moto-jacket or a quilted barn coat, and maybe (or maybe not) a monochrome Hermes scarf. This uniform doesn’t require fancy hair or makeup. Just lipstick and sunglasses, and off I go.

    Thanks for keeping it real, Alyson.

  16. When funding is low H&M high waist black jeans are a force to be reckoned with. They fit true to size and keep their colour well. Faded black jeans just need a whizz around a Dylon Black Wash’n’Dye. As an aside – nothing I find more relaxing than mending and tweaking my clothes. I can’t actually make anything from scratch, although I wish I could, but mending/hemming/sort of upcycling makes me very ‘mellow’. Get well soon.

  17. Washing your black jeans in vinegar, not only sets the colour, but preserves it. I keep a big jug in the laundry room for darks and towels.

  18. I was worried you wouldn’t blog for a while Alyson. The “play nice”, and “model the behaviour you want from others” (ie our leaders) wasn’t in full evidence last time in the comments area. Please write whatever you like. Fashion is a result of its context. We look to the fashion of an era to get a feel for its tone and values. Furthermore, I don’t want a mirror image of my views – it’s good to be challenged. No challenge re black jeans though – they are cool, as are grey. I love my LA Black Orchid pair.

  19. Have you tried Madewell jeans.? I have two black pairs. One a skinny jean I’ve had several years and I bought a new pair this fall that is slightly faded, higher waist, cropped leg, slight flare and ragged hem.

  20. Yes! Pondering what to wear this summer for my up-coming 60th birthday party, it came to me like a hammer blow earlier today. Buy new black Levis! With a fantastic shirt! And great shoes! Immediately, I felt calmer. I might be the first corpse to be buried in her black Levis but not for a good few years yet, thanks.

  21. Help me out, here, Alyson- how many pairs of black trousers are “too many?” I have eight, and wear three regularly [sort of!] Been considering getting rid of one or two, but can’t decide which………………!
    Looking forward to the new book!!

    Get better VERY soon!!!

  22. Hello
    Am perhaps coming a bit late with this question as you have since moved on to other posts but was wondering how the APC jeans are size wise? Did you need to size up or down? Am tempted to buy the black ones online but don’t like jeans which are too tight fitting.
    Thanks a lot!

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