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Christophe Lemaire and Uniqlo

It’s on the cover of Vogue, in the Christophe Lemaire collection for Uniqlo (the former Hermes designer will be hitting the high street in October) and the colour of the J.Crew Regent blazer I’m surprisingly drawn to. Red has always been worn with pizzazz by flamboyant women like Diana Vreeland and Iris Apfel; but being more less-is-more, I prefer it Gentlewoman Style. The elegant tomboy with a stealthy touch of scarlet.

J Crew red blazer_RD6013
J. Crew Regent blazer, available HERE


As Diana Vreeland said:

‘Red is the great clarifier – bright, cleansing, and revealing. It makes all colours beautiful. I can’t imagine becoming bored with red – it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.’

I watched the Iris Apfel documentary again last night, it’s out on DVD. So poignant now that Carl has passed away. The couple were together for 68 years, they never became bored with each other…



14 thoughts on “Gentlewoman Style for autumn – the chic way to wear red

  1. I tried the red Regent on. The color is a bit “off” and isn’t a true blue/red. It’s more of a pink/coral/red. I have a j.crew schoolboy blazer that is more of a red. Anyway went with the Camel Regent. I can wear a red Tippi underneath or my red heels. Wish that blazer had been more of a blue/red!

  2. I’m usually a ‘neutrals’ girl but I love a flash of red. It’s almost a neutral too in that it combines so well with black, navy, camel, olive, khaki, grey……

  3. I just love that slouchy pants, high neck, fitted but not too tight turtleneck (in any colour), pushed back sleeves, mannish (sp?) shoes look. So slouchy-chic. I’m all poised to wear my turtlenecks but the weather is not co-operating…highs of 29 Celsius in Ottawa this week. Argggg.

  4. I have a red pair of suede ballet flats on my fall list that I plan to wear with my black turtleneck and pants. I’m drawn to red but haven’t found a shade that works for me as a garment, so will stick with it as an accessory.

  5. Perhaps only Valentino understands Red better than GSL. It is ALL about shade. Hard to make out these examples on my phone so will examine further back at Den Atelier.

  6. I’ve always had bright, clear red in my closet. Right now : 1 turtleneck tee, 1 v-neck tee, 1 casual jacket, 3 (!) pairs of shoes, 1 pr. of sandals [I’m thinking 3 pr of red shoes might be excessive], 2 crew neck wool sweaters (I usually wear them with a white turtleneck & jeans) & 1 deep v-neck dressy wool sweater. 1 pencil skirt (which went out with my post-retirement purge, then I grabbed it out of the thrift box & put it back in the closet. I wear it with a black turtleneck, lots of red jewelry, black leather jacket & tall boots & have no idea why I thought I wanted to get rid of it). Undies, of course. Oh, my tall red suede boots (don’t wear them much here in the Pacific Northwest because it rains so much, alas). Back in the day I usually had at least one pair of red jeans, but seem to have gotten it out of my system & probably for the best. Red lipstick & nail polish. In fact, my recently “simplified” wardrobe (which I’m still working on) seems to be red, black, white & denim with a flash or two of peacock blue.

  7. I remember years ago as I was donning a bright scarf with my army green jacket a coworker remarking, “you are not afraid of color!” I think a dash of color is what can really set you apart. So many run scared from it. With that said, I have never worn red lipstick! Maybe I am too scared I’ll get the wrong color.

    LOVE the turtleneck. As soon as it gets cold enough, they are my go to. People have ragged on me over the years about wearing them but this is one item I refuse to compromise on. Love that red.

  8. Love red but it has to have a blue tinge as I cannot wear anything with a yellow/orange hue. Sadly polo/turtle necks are a big no on me but substitute a beautiful Vneck, great with jeans or slouchy trousers. The weather here in the UK is heading quickly to sweater temperatures. Time to sort the wardrobe but will keep the red jeans to wear with a black V and leather jacket. Cheerful on a miserable day!

  9. That’s good to know, Catherine – though I do quite like a pink-y red. Had a look at the camel blazer in-store, it’s fab.

    GSL – true, it is all about shade. Valentino is the best red.

    Janet – I still have a pair of red jeans, haven’t worn them for a while but might reintroduce them…

  10. Nice inspirational outfit pictured! It’s relaxed, simple but not boring – quite chic.
    My plan is to add some flashes of bright, warm red to my Fall-Winter wardrobe. Looking at a few J.Crew items, in fact..

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