There’s lots of information on fabulous flat shoes and how to wear them in Book Number Two (final proofread arriving this week) and one of the experts I spoke to for that chapter was from Grenson. This week the British shoe brand launches a wonderful collaboration with Persephone Books, I’ve written about it for the FT:

A fondness for midcentury patterns first drew Julia Little to Persephone Books on Lamb’s Conduit Street, London. The head of projects and events at shoe shop Grenson (located across the street) subsequently fell in love with the store after buying a diary containing the beautiful endpapers of books by 20th-century female authors. Back at her desk, Little came up with the idea of a small capsule collection marrying Persephone’s patterns with Grenson’s women’s shoes, and went to speak to her Lamb’s Conduit Street neighbour about a potential collaboration.


Proud of their neighbourly community and the fact that the limited edition collection was conceptualised by a small group of women, Persephone agreed. Initially the idea was to use an endpaper pattern to decorate the interior of the shoe but the bespoke design by Cambridge Imprint was so striking, they decided to take it outside. Persephone shoes are handmade in England (each pair takes 12 weeks to make), six of which were given over to preparing the leather and to screenprinting, which is done by hand at a specialist fine art printers used by the likes of Damien Hirst, Harland Miller and Jeremy Deller.

There is a Grenson x Persephone launch party on Thursday evening in Grenson’s Lamb’s Conduit Street store (number 40) and they have very kindly invited That’s Not My Age readers along. The event runs from 6.30-8.30pm and there will be 20% discount on main range shoes all evening for TNMA fans. Hope to see you there!

Read the full FT How To Spend It feature HERE.

19 thoughts on “Grenson’s limited edition shoe with a literary twist

  1. Alyson.
    Thank goodness!
    We had a wedding to go to recently and I really struggled to find a flat shoe worthy of the occasion. I did mourn the passing of an era when I could wear (and walk) in heels but a wonderful pair of black lace brogues from Alice Temperly made me feel very glamorous and attracted many positive comments.
    Really looking forward to book 2.

    1. They are definitely in the ‘How To Spend It’ price range, Anne – but this is a limited edition collection and Grenson’s mainline range is more reasonable. Even better with 20% off!

  2. Just love these shoes! Sadly I can’t make the launch event but shoes probably way out of my price range. Inspiring, though…Sounds like a perfect collaboration. Will check out the stores when next in London…

  3. My trouble is that I like low heels, not flats. Partly because I’m short, partly because I find them more comfortable. All I seem to find is flats or high heels! Where are those kitten heels, the stacked heels? I’d love a good mocassin……but not a flat one!

  4. I love Cambridge Imprint , Persephone books and Grenson, but somehow just not together. I can’t quite work out why, which is probably just as well, even with 20% off. ( btw, Cambridge Imprint do THE best cards and stationery )

  5. LOVE Persephone Books! Made a pilgrimage there on last trip to London in Sept. 2016. Did not make it into Grenson but will certainly at least window shop next visit. Wish I could attend the launch!

  6. My computer is next to my bookshelves. As I type I look at my beautiful row of Persephone books – their grey and white spines make me get up and look at them again. A trip to Persephone books is a guilty pleasure that my friend and I share when we sneak off to spend hours in that wonderful shop. The endpapers are works of absolute art and all from original prints. A couple of years’ ago Nicola Beauman herself was in the shop and spent ages recommending and discussing which books to choose to the two of us. Bliss! As said by Sue – I love these gorgeous books (content, authors chosen, visual appeal, endpapers etc. etc. and I could go on forever) and I love Grenson brogues (if I could afford them) but see this as more of an artistic venture than a wearable one. I would feel too ‘out there’ in not a good way wearing a pair. All credit to someone who does ‘though. Off to look at my endpapers and imagine which I would choose to embellish a pair of brogues! ps That’s why I love this blog – all encompassing/intelligent and not just telling us how to bung on our eyeliner!!!!

  7. I love the shoes, and aside from not being able to afford them I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to wear them either. Absolutely gorgeous though.

  8. I love the shoes….and I love Persephone Books. The beautiful endpapers and matching bookmarks are within my budget, but the shoes… are right Alyson, definitely in the how to spend it category.
    How about some literary sandals though? I live on a beautiful Greek island so am lucky to spend at least six months of the year wearing them. Persephone flip flops…..that would be fun!

    I’m really looking forward to the second book and the feature on flat shoes. My high heel days are over…due to a combination of age, donkey tracks and dodgy pavements.

  9. These look beautiful, a friend of mine had a pair of Grenson shoes as a leaving present, the smell of good quality leather made me look like a glue snifter. Definitely shoes to save for and great to see footwear that mobilises not limits one.

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