Every now and then I decide not to wear jeans. It’s a bit of an effort to ditch the daily uniform but perfectly manageable when there’s an easy alternative, like the long-sleeved maxi dress, at hand. That’s Not My Maxi, it’s from Baukjen (currently reduced in the sale), but this is:

Photo: Dvora at Fashionistable.

Haven’t worn the old Breton dress for a while and I was having second thoughts when I came across a comment by Lucinda Chambers in the latest issue of Vogue, ‘Once it’s on, it stays on – I never ever take things off and try different things out, It’s how I am on shoots also. I’m very decisive.’ With that in mind, the striped maxi stayed put, giving me the opportunity to catch up on the latest news from Wimbledon (did you see the Andy Murray game yesterday?!)

Happy 4th July to my American followers – this red, white and blue tribute is just for you!

26 thoughts on “Grown-up style: the long sleeved maxi dress

  1. Love the simplicity of it and the fabric looks (from what I can see on the photo) very good quality which I always find important. Unfortunately I couldn't pull it off myself without looking like a giant blue/white bumble bee… 🙂

  2. You look lovely and the dress is also lovely. I like the wide stripes and the fabric looks soft but subtantial making for what I imagine is a very comfortable (and stylish) outfit.

  3. I just tried on a short version of that dress but didn't buy it because I thought the wide horizontal stripes might be "too much" for work. You've changed my mind! It's a great look, and you execute it flawlessly!

  4. I´d wish the black dress to be mid thigh-length, as the sleeves are 3/4 length ( at least for the woman in the picture ).
    Your dress looks very " marimekko " to me.

  5. I have a very similar blue and cream stripe dress I bought from Bauken a couple of seasons ago and find it very useful especially when I am in France. Can be worn during the day or dressed up for evening.

  6. I'm a hard core fan of sleeved maxi dresses. I love the simplicity of these and would wear both in a heartbeat. i have a tan and black one from H&M similar to yours (but not as nice!) and also a black one. I layer them a lot, too. I'm also crazy about your sandals. Oh, and your hair. You look fabulous.

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  8. Elegant dress…you wear it beautifully! Any chance you would share the brand/style of your sandals? Going on vacation soon and would love these….thank you…

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