Iris Apfel in Gucci, FT_seven_hundred_wide

Putting the max into maximalism, it’s Iris Apfel in a gorgeous photo shoot for the FT’s How To Spend It fashion special (out this weekend). ‘I don’t think old age should dictate what you wear or how you should wear it,’ points out the Gucci-clad, New York nonagenarian in the accompanying video. Truly inspirational.

View the entire photo shoot HERE. And grab some Gucci HERE.

21 thoughts on “How Iris Apfel made growing old cool

  1. I love this. While recognising that not all of us can be so glamorous in our older age (due to many factors including ill health), campaigns like this help to change the prevailing negative views of older women in many ‘western’ societies. Fabulous!

  2. I love the video of her! She is so articulate, so clever, so New York, and so inspirational for me. I find that as I age, I want to go more Maximalist and less Minimalist in my own clothing, because I like the joyousness it brings. If some is good, more is better! We all need a little slice of Apfel in our lives.

  3. I love her and her message but this campaign has a strange kind of mockery going on (toy soldiers, disney characters, outlandish stuffed animals). Is this about beautiful plumage or the ridiculous?

  4. I’ve never been a fan of late baroque style in art so have never warmed to it in fashion. Iris Apfel does it very, very well.
    Unfortunately lots of others “inspired” by Iris end up looking a bit daft rather than quirky or whatever it was they were aiming for and don’t exactly contribute to the fight to get mature women taken seriously. I’m assuming that this is safe space in which to be a little critical of a mature female icon!!

  5. To me, it isn’t her wardrobe. It is her spirit and attitude. Apfel’s taste’s in clothing are a bit too “colorful” for my more classic tastes. But that is what sets each of us apart in our own individuality and personal style. She is a style visionary. But most of all, she’s defied so many ageists in the fashion industry. Kudos to her for that.
    We all need a bit of her in our souls to keep us young and that is the most important aspect.

  6. Maureen, I agree with you… Sometimes style is just kooky with a good publicist. I watched a documentary about Iris, she is definitely an icon. She has some great quotes about aging, like no one’s it’s going to think you’re 32 so why pretend, and one about knowing she wasn’t pretty so she put things IN her head instead. Also check out the Bill Cunningham documentary. He also hangs out with mature ladies of style and substance.

  7. She is an interesting visual phenomenon until she starts talking. A fine example of today’s over-exposed, overdressed, underdeveloped individual.

  8. Thanks for posting this. Our western society really needs to look at the way we treat old age. Society has become harsh, and without the respect and time for older people that we used to have. When I was young we used to say “Respect your elders”.
    Iris certainly hasn’t become invisible on the street -good for her! 🙂
    Lets all aim for that as we get older, refuse to be ignored! xx

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