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Serendipity. There I was thinking about different ways to wear army green when up popped Violeta Sanchez the actress, model and former Yves Saint Laurent muse in this lovely colour combination. Sanchez worked with Yves Saint Laurent and Helmut Newton in the late seventies and eighties and I spotted this picture of her as I whizzed through & Other Stories the other day (older model radar on high alert. Always).

Previously at That’s Not My Age Mansions: a last-minute clothes swap prior to a meeting (when I decided dark denim jeans weren’t smart enough) ended in the surprisingly chic pairing of a navy silk shirt and military green pants. Oh hello, favourite new colour combination…

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Photo: Marc Jacobs s/s15

Army green is a year-round style staple and I like the seventies feel when teamed with shades of blue. For a brighter bet, fuchsia works like a dream. Thank you, Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren

22 thoughts on “How to wear army green (or my new favourite colour combination)

  1. Love those colour combos. I recently rocked my hubby‘s old khaki army shirt (bought – not earned :-)) as a jacket – sleeves rolled up and tan skinny-belted – with jeans and a grey T. Next time I‘ll try my pink belt – fuchsia trews are not for me (but look fab on the models!!)

  2. My Dear AW,
    Allow GSL to pull rank on this one subject to note that Army Green is the one colour the Brits and us Yanks far surpass the French…at least for the past century. We’ve long lamented the French propensity to drop weapon, abruptly raise hands and eagerly commence with surrender protocols.
    Soooo not Chic…,

  3. The & Other Stories shirt/dress/skirt in the mountain pattern caught my eye a few weeks ago and for me living in Australia (no international delivery from Other Stories) it represents another lovely item that is not possible for me to buy. However last year I bought a pair of bright fuchsia peg trousers (really jodhpurs) from Joseph and this year a fabulous khaki green shirt so thank for bringing this combination to my attention – one which will not see me blend in with the pack. Although both my son and my brother both told me that khaki was a brown shade not green. cheers Yvonne

  4. Hello Yvonne – oh that’s a shame about & Other Stories. Maybe they’ll review their international delivery policy (?) I think Brits tend to refer to khaki as green in colour but I know in the States it’s considered to be the sandy brown shade. I did start writing about this in the post – then deleted and called it army/khaki green instead.

  5. wow I love this! I never would have thought of those shades of blue with olive green, but why not?? I’m not familiar with & Other Stories but it looks like a great site. Is size 8 UK a size 4 in US? Thanks for the post!!

  6. I’m always enthralled with your older model alerts. I too love the color combinations that you featured. I’m sure that my closet has something to offer in this category!

  7. Love the Sanchez shirt! I have a 20 year old Armani scarf that’s blue and olive with a tiny speck of rust and cream – one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe. Army green looks great with splashes of red and white too. Bottle green on the other hand………. just can’t be sold to British women, apparently, because it reminds too many of the dreaded school uniform!

  8. Hi Alyson, I tried to buy your style book and was unsuccessful. I found it on Amazon, but it isn’t available until beginning of September so I pre-ordered it. I love that you wrote a book about the fact that style is ageless and that older women should refuse to be invisible. I couldn’t agree more. I started my style blog a year and a half ago just because I wanted to give all women, but especially older women, like myself, a style nudge to continue to be stylish no matter what their age. Thank you for writing the book and I really look forward to reading it.


  9. I like army green with red rather than fuchsia. Yesterday, in wintry Australia, I wore a pair of ASOS army green pants with a red pullover and russet-coloured ankle boots. I also have a dress in that colour, which I wear with red patent heels.

    I like the army/navy combination of dark green and dark blue, but when the skies are grey I prefer red.

  10. Everyone looks fabulous and each in their own way. I love the idea of replacing the strap on the green vintage handbag with a dog chain and wearing the strap as a bracelet very inventive!

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