Do you have a personal colour scheme? I’m definitely at home in chic-not-shouty blues and khaki greens; often with a backdrop of stormy charcoal. These are the colours of the British seaside, and I wonder if hailing from Blackpool is the reason for the attraction? Hours of staring at my Instagram feed have confirmed my affinity for coastal shades – though obviously, I like to see this colour scheme in the real world, too. My palette will be neutral to the end, but having said that, whenever I whoop things up and wear a blue that’s not navy, or a red or a pink, I feel an instant buzz. The cobalt blue cashmere cardigan adds a little zing to indigo. And with pink, it has to be exactly the right shade, not too saccharine and never-ever insipid pastel. This raspberry M&S cashmere sweater is perfect with white jeans and my velvet ankle boots, right now – though maybe not at the British seaside in winter…

Photos by Penny Wincer

More colourful cashmere coming up. This is a sponsored post.


And a special thank you to the folks at No.50 Friendly Street for allowing us to take photos there. Please excuse my bunched up t-shirt in the first photo, I had to get changed behind the sofa.


28 thoughts on “How to wear colour in winter (bring on the cashmere)

  1. Love the rashberry cashmere sweater; as you say, just the right colour. But I think I love your blue herringbone jacket even more! Oh why do I always see other ladies in clothes that I never find however much I look?!

      1. Me too. I often compliment women I don’t know on their clothes, jewellery. 99.9% of the time its a positive response, and if it makes their day a little brighter too by being complimented too – bonus!

    1. Replying to Helen’s comment – from time to time I have complemented complete strangers on a garment, always saying how great they look in it, in places as diverse as art galleries and (whisper it cos it’s so not done) the Underground. Invariably their response is really positive and they are very happy to tell me where they got said item. Sometimes we’ve ended up having a very pleasant chat!

  2. I think both of these looks are great, so wearable. The pink and white is so chic anyway but the scarf gives it such an elegant feel – lovely.
    Also, I really like that you wear button fly jeans. Don’t see them on people much nowadays. I tried wearing female jeans after decades of wearing comfy male 501s and soon reverted back to my beloved blokey Levis.

  3. I love color all the time. Those cashmere sweaters are yummy but alas I am allergic to cashmere. But I would do them in cotton in a heartbeat,

  4. Lovely outfits. I wish I could find jeans that fit so well, though sadly I think it’s me rather than the jeans. Cashmere is my best friend in the winter, it’s so worth the money.If you look after it ,you’ll have it forever.
    I wear a lot of charcoal and dark blue, so I love a dash of colour , in a cardi like yours Alyson, or maybe just a scarf. Pale or Raspberry pink, lovely.

  5. I do love me a raspberry, and so hard to find!!!! But I agree, that herringbone is a real phenom…..please find us some in unusual colours to order! It may be obvious in UK, but not across the pond.

  6. Love the pink sweater and scarf. Have never considered wearing white jeans at this time of year.
    You’ve definitely got me thinking and maybe will pull out mine from summer storage!

    1. I only bought white jeans this past summer, never thought I should wear them during the winter. I may have to rethink things too … I’m so tired of wearing grey and black.

  7. I’m slowly transitioning from black to blue as my basic. Love all the blues from navy to cornflower, except cobalt, which for some reason, makes me look as if I’ve been exhumed. I’m a great fan of scarves too – a flash of pink or something pale near the face is flattering to older faces.

    Cashmere: wonderfully light and warm, of course, but even expensive ones pill. I find baby alpaca equally light and warm but less ‘pilly’ so I’m buying more of that.

  8. I love a splash of (the right) colour for winter – have to break away from basic black (I live in a city that almost mandates black) – the right pinks are proving to be my friend again as I age 🙂

  9. Well you had me with the word cashmere in the title. So soft and non scratchy and warm. I have a couple of cashmere cardigans that I feel are a wee bit short so your top picture with the t shirt peeking out has given me the nudge I need to consider layering. Thank you!

  10. I am new to your blogs, but am well on the way to being an appreciative fan. Also your newest book is inspiring, full of great ideas that I can’t wait to put into practice.

  11. I sit here reading your post on cashmere and colour wearing a charcoal Donegal flecked cashmere polo neck, last year from Toast, so cosy and soft along with charcoal cashmere socks, White Company Christmas gift. Wearing with black track bottoms. This is unusually dark for me. My colours are greens and purples and reds more than blues. All enhancing to eye colour and complexion at this time of year. I’m adding more rouge to cheeks to compensate too. The creamy compact ones rather than powdered ones. Works a treat.
    As ever Alyson you are wearing a flattering layered outfit. I like the bright cardie over t-shirt and tweed jacket. And all coordinated with the fading denim. You know what suits you and you go with that.

  12. I love the raspberry cashmere especially with the white jeans. Cashmere is my new old best friend this winter in Ontario, Canada particularly the thinner layering pieces! I really miss M&S and not just for the clothes.

  13. I had my “colours done” about 20 years ago and promptly disregarded it and continued to wear mostly black until quite recently. Funny that the colours I like now are actually the ones that were recommended – maybe there was something in it. The blue and pink really suit you.

  14. ha! It just makes me like you more knowing that you got changed behind the sofa : ) Thanks for the beauty you bring into the world

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