Isn’t this outfit brilliant? Discard the fluffy heels, add a pair of sensible flats and I give you the perfect embodiment of 24-hour, casual glamour. It’s from H&M’s newest label &OtherStories – I visited the London store when it first opened and was impressed by the accessories but not so enamoured by the clothing. Think I need to take another look. Rummaging through my moth-proof jumper box the other day, I came across an old rose pink sweater that I’d completely forgotten about – oh the joys of shopping yer wardrobe. Until I get round to taking a photo, here’s a Pure Collection cashmere sweater that’s a very similar shade:

Though I’ve worn fuchsia in the past – a corduroy coat from Topshop, a John Smedley Sea Island cotton roll neck – these days I’m much happier with the brightness toned down. Anything too vibrant and I worry that I’m starting to look a bit menopausal. And anyway, this minky pink shade almost feels like a neutral. Just pretend that it’s camel and wear together with black and/or denim, like so:

Lanvin ballet flats

Keep it subtle and colour can slip seamlessly into your wardrobe like the er,  Milk Tray Man.

And here are few pinkish bits and pieces that won’t make you blush:

J.Crew Foulard print cotton shirt and another pair of Lanvin shoes.
Theory antique rose blazer.
Equipment washed silk shirt.

Enjoy the weekend.

23 thoughts on “How to wear colour: rose pink

  1. Hi there! This shade of pink appeals to me more than the 'pink coat' pink that is so popular at the moment. I love both of the Lanvin shoes and the Theory blazer too xxx

  2. Jaeger have the loveliest mohair cocoon coat at the moment but it is in the vilest shade of pink.Wish they did it in one of the above colours…

  3. Am I missing something? What's menopausal about fuchsia?! The rose pink is pretty and soft, but I'm not much of a neutral gal, I like my brights (must be because I'm peri-menopausal!) Maybe it's my monitor, but the final two pieces look beige… and we all know that can kill you! xxxx

  4. This is just perfect for me…I was ready to not like anything here when I saw the post title, but I actually love these shades of pink. Usually pink is too pastel or Pepto-Bismal (hope you know what this is) for me…I love every shade you selected here and I would love that J Crew blouse. Thanks for the post!

  5. I just bought a pale shell-pink silk blouse, fairly close to the colour of those pants. So much easier a way to wear pink, truly! I've also recently picked up a pair of silk brocade J Crew pants, which have a soft pink in their geometric pattern, and I like them with a navy sweater and a chunky necklace for a simple yet dressy enough date or party outfit. Fun post, thanks!

  6. And just after I wrote this, I left the keyboard and walked right past my pale-pink cashmere scarf, the main addition to my outerwear wardrobe for the colder months. Clearly, something in the zeitgeist!

  7. I love the color of the sweater, but for whatever reason I find the paler versions of this color seem to wash me out a bit worn near the face. Those pants though…ahhhhhh. I might be convinced.

  8. Pastcaring/ une femme – agree, I find the pinkier tones easier to wear than the peachier colours (described as antique rose and blush, so they won't kill you!)

    LPC – slightly disappointed about the pants, had a look in store last night and they have a frill down the outside leg seam that's not visible in the photo. There's also a cropped version but I want full length, no frills.

  9. Personally, I always love a pink, as long as it's not got too much grey in it. It has to be a warm pink, if you know what I mean.

    As far as "casual glamour", isn't that an oxymoron? Glamour is just glamour, period. Full stop. Well, it could be just me. I don't get casual anymore. I wear my high heels at home all the time, even walking out to the bin. I don't like my feet to think there's any other way of dressing.

    Much love,
    Rosemary from

  10. Love the pics here. Something so compelling about this pink! Especially love the ballet flats. Now I am wanting some pink for fall. Camel is quite nice with it isn't it? Enjoying all your blog posts! I'm a new reader.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. The wonderful thing about certain color trends is that if it conflicts with your skin tone you can wear it as a skirt or pant as a bottom with a more flattering neutral top.

  12. I have been wanting to incorporate this color into my wardrobe and especially like it for the holidays! Personally, I think it looks best with black to tame the sweetness factor and give it a little edge. Have you seen the pieces from Stella McCartney resort in blush tones? So pretty.
    By the way, I LOVE the haircut on the model in the top pic too!
    Love your blog…

  13. I have a dusty rose pink cashmere jumper and a soft blush pink silk top, both of which are very flattering. I really can't wear bright pink or even the candy floss pink that's been showing up lately, but the softer colours can be gorgeous.

  14. So we're terrified of becoming menopausal clown-dressers but happy to buy 'suitable' beigepink and greige as modelled by young women? Sad on so many levels.

    Also – what trixiebacon said … :))

  15. Looks like mushroom to me…….
    I am a sad and sorrowful girl, as I didn't realise I was advertising my peri-menopausal state by wearing brights. O, well, just add it to my other over 40 "fashion crimes', such as long hair, tights with sandals and bare arms…and gawd only knows what else. O, the SHAME.

  16. trixiebacon – I met Sue Kreitzman once wearing a camel (not beige) leather t-shirt and she quite liked it!

    Tralala & Helga – that comment was tongue-in-cheek, my philosophy has always been: wear what you like, wear what makes you happy. Though I draw the line at clown dressing…

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