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Partial to a posh jogger or Harem pant, I was beginning to worry that I’d reached the age of the elasticated waist till I noticed that Barney’s has a category specifically for this type of ‘slouchy pant.’ That’s all right, then. (Check out the Frame voluminous drawstring linen pair).  My new favourite version of ‘Pyjama Dressing without looking like you’ve given up’ is to combine the harem pan with a kimono top. This cotton linen pair are from Gudrun Sjoden and I’ve noticed that J Crew has something similar called the Seaside Pant, which (being a seasider), I like. On my feet are the Georgina Goodman GG slippers. Other good places for relaxed, easy-to-wear trousers are Hush and Me + Em. These pants are the perfect thing for hot summer days in the city and holiday travel. Booked it, at last! We are going island hopping in Greece. Bring it on.


17 thoughts on “How to wear Harem pants

  1. Excellent…Again you have the most wonderful attitude…It comes through in every piece of clothing you wear.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I agree that the trick is not “looking like you’ve give up”. I use large statement earrings to give my “posh joggers”, a “posh” edge.
    PS – I think I might enjoy overdosing on the word “posh”…

  3. But see, Alyson, you make it look good with an interesting blouse for the top half and cool shoes!!!
    My mom (the 70+ model on my blog) loves her elastic waistband so it’s easier to go to the bathroom…ha ha! But I’ve been finding her ones that still look nice!!

  4. Harem pants….live in them, plain, patterned, going out, staying in..Dressed up or down. Boho or not….Last count 12 pairs! Can see me wearing them forever…

  5. I love your style so much and it inspires me but being super short ( under 5 FT) I need some short woman inspiration! I can’t really wear flats but love the look of flats and petite sections are usually ghastly !

  6. Yes indeed I love lazy dressing so much! Give me an elasticated waist any day of the week. Dressing up my sloth look with a kimono top sounds like a genius idea to me & I think that Dodo bar Or you listed is on sale….Hmmm gotta run.

  7. I love this look. It shares inspiration with the wafty dress. Summer is a hot and sticky season. Loose clothing whether dressing up or down is the way to go. Good looking shoes and statement jewelry make it work.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. You always look perfect. At my age 71, and not the greatest figure , smashing outfits seem in the past. As a old fashionista I mourn those lost days. I love to see the younger set looking great.

    1. Pat…never retire the idea and the purchase of smashing outfits….we need you to bring back your fashonista …..for your sake and the sake of us all. xxoo

  9. I appreciate the relaxed look but have never found the drawstring waist flattering because of the bulk of fabric/string at tummy level. At 70 although I continue to keep fit and slim, I don’t want any extra fabric at my tummy so I take out the drawsting and put in elastic. Thanks for your blog, I very much enjoy reading it regularly. Although I don’t have a disposable income that allows me to shop in the price range of many of the lovely items that you model or refer to I can shop at consignment stores with discrimiantion!

  10. Enjoy your Greek island holiday in wafts dresses and loose linen trousers. I have several pairs for hot weather as well as thin linen culottes even nicer. I write this from St Petersburg during White Nights. Suddenly warm and sunny so sitting here in bare feet in a loose burnt orange cap sleeved cotton linen knit Oska dress. Bought in last years sale still looking good and turning heads in the streets as I walked to Hermitage etc. Good midsummer greetings to all readers.

  11. If the jacket has narrow sleeves then I think it’s misleading to call it a kimono top. Wide sleeves are a defining feature of kimonos.

  12. Hey 5ft 2 Linda, I’m the same height and I shop at both JCrew and Gap online, both have the same things as the mainline but in petite sizes. Fantastic for jeans especially. Also, I’m always on my feet and do not shy away from flats, just don’t go too dainty and dinky, it looks a bit naff and makes the rest of you look bigger ( not taller! ) I love a chunky sneaker like those from Eytys at Net-a-porter.

  13. Love it, just the thing for the heatwave and hols – but where is the beautiful kimono top from? Perhaps a post on kimono tops – please!

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