Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo. Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

What’s black and white and worn all over? The grown-up, transitional wardrobe. Whether monochrome comes with a modern bohemian twist a la Linda Fargo, is more urban avant garde as Lyn from Accidental Icon consistently demonstrates, or goes classic Costanza Pascolato; this harmonious combination looks contemporary and chic. Life in black and white, is simple, striking and perennially stylish.

Lyn the Accidental Icon

Over the last week, the Once in a Lifetime tuxedo jacket has been back in action and we’ve started watching House of Cards (which due to box set overload, I keep wanting to call Game of Cards) – the cinematography feels very black and white, even if the plot twists are not quite so clear cut.

Costanza Pascolato fd5
Classic Costanza


Are you making the most of monochrome?

16 thoughts on “How to wear monochrome

  1. Fabuously chic. Looks great on them all. Never thought I’d see Linda Fargo as a Bohemian…it becomes her. And I love Costanza rockin the Valentino shoe…she’s got great ankles! Monochicmatic. Have a beautiful black and white Monday.

  2. Love Linda Fargo’s angle. Like a swan! Black swan; white swan…
    I just acquired a Chanel tuxedo jacket on eBay. I have an old Armani tuxedo that I used to wear with red high tops years ago. That tuxedo is now my costume in Nora Ephron’s ” Love, Loss and What I Wore.” A woman in a tuxedo is an evocateur.

  3. GSL digs Linda Fargo after being introduced during that fab Bury Me At Bergdorf doco.

    I hear Ladbroke’s is taking action on which day you gals will decide ‘grown-up’ offends. Please give GSL at least an hours notice to ‘Hillary’ his server of incriminating emails .

  4. Fabulously inspirational images! Thanks! I never tire of monochrome. I recall it was once worn beautifully by a dear friend of mine whose husband sadly died a few weeks before their daughter’s long-planned wedding. The wedding went ahead and my friend wore a wonderful black & white ensemble which paid appropriate tribute to her husband but was lightened by the white to add joy to mark the happy day.

  5. Linda Fargo looks amazing, not sure about the other two who IMO are trying too hard to look younger: too much flesh on show in the second and wrong shoes in third.

    I know I sound cruel and judgemental , but I apply a very stringent eye to my own endeavours and don’t consider myself a style icon.

  6. I have long been annoyed at the Valentino Rock Studs—too ubiquitous, too almost-cheap-looking. But, man, do I like them here on Ms. Constanza. She makes them look totally right and completely chic. Maybe because she’s not a 20-something pairing them with a mini dress, I don’t know. Whatever it is, you can now color me Save Up For Those Suckers!

  7. I love monochrome…I saw a fab white and black spotted dress in Coast yesterday- just have to conjure up an occasion so that I need to buy it for!

    I love love love the Valentino shoes…surely someone on the high street are doing similar?

  8. I love black and white. It’s a bit stark on my coloring but wear it anyway. Always chic and effortless. Linda doing boho is a surprise but she rarely gets it wrong.

  9. I recently bought a dark green skirt and same color top @ White House Black Market. Just because it’s not black and white can it still be considered monochrome? BTW, I bought a leopard belt to go with.

    Also, looking forward to the Stateside release of your book. I have it on pre-order !

    As a side note, I’m 49 and look young for my age. I’m bothered when people tell me I look “cute” when I’m actually wearing a nice dress and heels. Is it me or are others bothered by these types of labels and do I need to just pay them no mind? Thanks in advance for your comments!

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