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Style is about confidence and individuality; about wearing it well. Here Stella Greenspan (a stylist and former assistant to Grace Coddington) looks comfortable and at ease, while expertly demonstrating the significance of the Showbiz Boot. And I realise as I type this that I own a version of the outfit above; funny that. Remember the tweedy jacket and velvet boot combo? The addition of one or two standout pieces will whoop up a simple outfit and stop the wardrobe basics looking basic. Introducing a smattering of colour, texture or pattern is a neat way to dress up daywear – and the Showbiz Boot often entertains all of the above. No-one ever looked glamorous when their feet hurt and so Know Your Style has a chapter dedicated to ‘shoes you can walk in’. Flat Shoes Forever contains expert advice on what goes with what, how to wear trainers, mid-heel and flatform styles. As part of my research, I interviewed a number of footwear designers including Tracey Neuls who provided one of my favourite quotes:

‘The only time you’re not in shoes is when you’re in bed (hopefully). Like underwear shoes are so close to your body – the foundation of everything you do in the day – and so they have to fit correctly.’

Instagram tells me that TN has a pair of beautiful petrol blue boots:

‘Once you find a shoe that’s comfortable, the addiction levels are unstoppable,’ adds Tracey. She knows her stuff. Here are some more Showbiz Boots:

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16 thoughts on “How to wear the basics and not look basic: the Showbiz Boot

  1. Absolutely true,the showbiz boots or whatever makes your outfit and you stand out from being ordinary.
    I love those red boots! Would look great with all the black I wear as well as my jeans!!! Think think!!!

  2. Hello – is it possible to see the brands of the other Showbiz Boots you have shown? Maybe my technical incompetence but when I tap on them it opens Pinterest – no details of the brand or stockist. Thank you!

    1. Hello Victoria, I’ve had a look at this and it seems to be working OK. Maybe try looking on a different gadget (?) The boots are from a selection of places: ATP, Ganni, Boden, Prada, Dorateymur, Sam Edelman, M&S, Acne, APC, Hobbs….

    2. Hi Victoria. Click the centre or the bottom of each image rather than the top of the image, (It sounds like you’re clicking the top of the image and thereby inadvertently clicking your Pinterest button (even if you can’t see it) to save the image to a Pinterest board.)

  3. Stella looked impeccable until I scrolled down to those boots. Such a great outfit blown apart by garish and out-of-place shoes.

  4. Alyson I will ask you about a different subject, if I may; have you heard about Trinny Woodall’s make up line? I mention it because on her website, one of the options of hair colour to choose from (to find the make up which matches you better) is grey, and it was a surprise as I had never seen it as an option before.

  5. Hi Alyson
    I agree with Steph – loved the look but felt it (and Stella) are completely over shadowed by the boots.
    I always believed clothes/accessories should be worn for the enhancement of the wearer not the other way round – albeit Runway Models are definitely a contridiction in terms – maybe the colour on this occasion is ‘too off-piste’.
    Just my thoughts.

  6. Love a show biz boot and have recently splashed out on a blue velvet pair too. Will be ‘shamelessly copying’ you and wearing with my tweedy jacket too. Great post as ever. X

  7. Loved the petrol blue boots! And the quote from Tracey Neuls – so true about footwear needing to fit well – how to find wide fit stylish shoes and boots? I’ve always had wide feet (recently re-confirmed by Clarks who still do a fitting service) and love shoes and boots but struggle to find wider fits in styles that aren’t frumpy. And I wonder how it is that there aren’t more variations on offer – I feel we need as much choice for our shoes as we do for our bras.

  8. Yes, I absolutely agree with you, all depends on accessories. No matter if the chosen outfit looks basic, you can always fresh it up with bright accessories. I like the way you brightened up this outfit with blue booties.

  9. This look for day is a personal favorite of mine: great trousers and modest heels. So many times you see women trying to walk in impossibly high-heeled shoes which to my eyes doesn’t seem modern. I like the stylish realism of Greenspan’s outfit and agree that texture and color – I’ll add fit – are the hallmarks of a truly stylish look.

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