If That’s Not My Age was a magazine, I’d want to be just like Kinfolk’s The Aged Issue. Beautifully designed and curated, with a lovely shoot called The Grace of Grey. The intro to which sums up my feelings exactly: ‘Ageing is happening and you can’t stop it. You can however change your perspective toward it and like these silver-topped women in our portrait series, embrace it with all the energy, grace and style in the world.’

Portraits include some of my favourite fashion VIPs like Thelma Speirs and older model Pam Lucas:

I enjoyed the features, ‘Turning Into My Mother’ and ‘Age Advice’ for the young and old: eat good stuff, don’t sweat the small stuff and my favourite tip, ‘EMBRACE YOUR LOOKS – who needs outrageously expensive eye creams, plastic surgery and fake tan? Not us. Grooming is good, but there is nothing more attractive than someone who is comfortable in his or her own skin’.

Though I’d also add, be nice to people and always know where the nearest loo is. And here are some more graceful grey women:

And on the subject of The Grace of Grey, a very small tribute to a very great man:

Photo: Matthew Willman.

16 thoughts on “I love Kinfolk: The Aged Issue

  1. Wonderful photos, thank you TNMA! Good advice, too. I'm trying to be gracious as I age, but I am still mysteriously blonde.

    RIP, great man, and thank you for all you've done.

  2. Each to their own, fake tan and hair dye all the way (I reckon the first lady's been at the bronzer).
    Lovely photo of Nelson Mandela, I'll never forget the day he was released from prison and weeping at the tv. xxx

  3. Yeah Vix, fake tan's a slightly odd one, maybe Botox/fillers might've been better? Mary Berry wears fake tan! The feature actually says 'orange-colored body paint' but I figured that that was what they meant.

  4. @ janicebotterill:
    i gave up the colored hair for gray with 35 – it´s never too early to stay to your nature 🙂

    beautiful images – and yes – it´s not the aging, it´s the look on it what should be changed…..

  5. @janice I just did and it's been 6 months. Would be awkward but my hair is long enough to pull back so the line disappears now, thankfully.

    My number one tip is to see if you can have the grow-out line blended out, (as done with the ombre-style so big this summer). It's just enough to soften the sharp divide for a gentler transition. Here's to letting go of chemicals!

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