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One of my Birkenstocks has died. After limping around sadly for a while, it’s now decomposing somewhere behind the sofa. Instagram followers will be relieved to know that they won’t be seeing another ‘view from the top’ post of my black leather two-strap Arizonas, anytime soon. In a way this is good news, I’ve been concerned about the Birki, ever since someone left the ‘Chiantishire’ comment on one of my posts. It’s like the David Cameron in Converse scenario, all over again… I also have a couple of projects on the go this week, where I’ll need to hide my skanky end-of-summer feet away and look smart. Bring on the pointed flat.

I’ve rediscovered a 10-year-old burgundy leather pair from LK Bennett that might just about pass muster. If not, there’s always J.Crew’s Gemma. The lovely rhubarb red colour (top) is so popular it has a waiting list, but it is currently available in chartreuse and all-important leopard print:

leopard pointy flat_d1
J Crew Gemma leopard flats, available HERE.
LK Bennett pointed flat002091658alt1
LK Bennett Holly flat, available HERE

Alternatively, LK Bennett’s selection of flats is always fab and for fun footwear, you can’t beat Boden. See the sparkly Isabel Bow, available HERE and strappy T-Bar (available HERE). Very Valentino.

Boden sparkly shoe
Boden’s Isabel Bow
Boden navy flat AR703_NAV
Boden’s strappy T-bar

The best thing about pointed flats is that they go with everything: trousers (wide legged and cropped), jeans (boyfriend and skinny), culottes, dresses, skirts, you name it… Of course, I’ll be Instagramming a picture of a pair shortly but in the meantime, here’s Costanza Pascolato:

Constanza Pascolato 040e6cd133249bad99

Oh and the Birkenstock died because I took a chunk out of the sole tripping over a paving stone. To me, this is one of two things that have signalled the end of summer. The other was surreptitiously throwing our knackered old suitcase into a skip down the road, only to find that the skip had a lid on. The suitcase landed on top with a bounce, we promptly left the scene but the broken suitcase is still sitting there, bringing a whole new meaning to the term left luggage.


23 thoughts on “In praise of the pointed flat

  1. Really pretty. Any advice on which ones might fit my long narrow feet? This is one trend I really want to be part of. I LOVE flats.

  2. I’m so pleased that we’re finally seeing enough of these in the shops to satisfy my preference for them over other flats. I have a black patent pair by J Crew, a couple of years old, and a perfect nude d’Orsay (Vince), but I need more! I think they’re perfect with everything, so much cooler, imho, than pointed-toe heels with jeans, and hey, you can walk as well which is a Big. Plus. I just wish there weren’t still so many people who want to comment on how they must squeeze and pinch my toes. If your toes are being cut off by the pointed-ness, you’re not getting fitted properly!

  3. Alas, I think some of us simply do not have feet that lend themselves to pointy-toed shoes. If I get them long enough that my toes don’t get all crammed together & pinched, they look like skiis. I don’t care for the look of 6″ of empty shoe sticking out beyond the end of my foot. I’ve tried to like them, but they do nothing for me, physically OR aesthetically. In fact, I don’t like flats — on me — much at all, although they often look cute as all get out on other people. I do get away with ballet flats now & again, but usually just around the house. For any kind of walking, give me some heels! [Mind you, I’m also a scant 5’3″, so am drawn to anything that gives me a bit of height & leg length 🙂 ]

  4. I never thought about the fact that pointy flats look good with everything, but you are right, they do! As someone commented on your Insta, Nicholas Kirkwood pointy flats are lovely. My whole shoe wardrobe is nothing but flats – ballet, pointy, oxfords, sandals, boots ( and of course, many pairs of Birkies – I’ve been loyal to them since high school in the 70s. I like having happy feet. 🙂

    It’s really gratifying to see shoe designers turning their attention to producing beautiful flat shoes, and to seeing high profile style makers like you wearing them. High heels are ridiculous and disturbing on so many levels from practice to theory.

    1. Monique, at one point a former beau said I had “duck feet” (wide in the front, narrow in the back). One of many reasons he soon became a former beau.

      I think these are very pretty but I have arthritis and can’t wear them. I don’t wear Birkenstocks but I do wear rather practical-funky German or other continental shoes. Usually with a bit of a chunky heel.

      The really annoying thing is that I have to spend a fair bit of money on whatever shoes I buy, or I simply have to give them away as they are horribly painful…

  5. How ironic ! I wrote an entire post condemning a pointed flat for being so uncomfortable. Did you know women are getting their pinky surgically removed so that they can wear their shoes ? In small numbers. Woah ! I didnt know shoes had that sorta power. After foot binding generation has retired, ofcourse.

    Finding a walkable pair had lead to lots of trial and error. And lots of wastage of fashion for me.

    I wonder : has anyone found comfortable pointed flats ? Is it a myth ?

  6. I also love the pointy flats! I have a pair of black suede D’Orsay flats that add elegance to whatever I wear with them with.
    I do prefer more of a heal however slight and love the chunky low heels I’m seeing this season.
    Pumps of any kind are always much sexier than flats are on any day, any outfit!
    I often will wear my heels to work and pack my flats when my feet get tired or sore.

  7. I would love to wear a pointy flat, but sadly I think I am just a bit dumpy to look good in them, especially as the ankles are not as slim as they were. However, your selection does look really lovely – I just wish I had the legs to wear them so I’ll admire from my sofa.

  8. Gorgeous selection, but not I fear for us ladies with larger feet. Don’t want to add a size to my already long feet……and then there’s the pinching issue….ahhhh!

  9. Pointy shoes are toe killers. Feet are square shape. Ask any podiatrist and they will share their thoughts on pointy shoes, which are negatives.

  10. The new J Crew Gemma flats are so pretty! I had a quick look in our local J Crew the other day. Very tempted to buy, just need to decide on color(s)…

  11. I think my comment disappeared…
    Anyway – The J Crew Gemma flats are so pretty! I had a quick glance last time I was at J. Crew. Very tempted to buy, just have to decide on color(s)…

  12. I love all flat shoes with the exception of those with points! I think they look all wrong like high heels that have suffered some kind of accident. Each to their own though.

  13. My condolences on the loss of your Birkenstocks. I know you’re grieving now, and you may find yourself tempted to relieve your grief with flashy substitute footwear, but pointy, insubstantial shoes are not the answer. They may look pretty on the shelf, but they will expose your metatarsals to ridicule and leave your toes with only painful memories.

  14. There was a time I wouldn’t wear anything flat unless it was a running shoe or hiking boot—everything was too stumpifying. But pointed toe flats are pretty chic, elongating the line of the leg and all that. Even with my big ol’ wide feet, I’ve found two brands that work for me (Sesto Meucci and J Crew’s Sloan d’Orsay). No pinching, can walk all day.

  15. Val – thank you for you kind words, I’m just off to J Crew to try the pointy flats (wearing my other pair of Birkenstocks)

  16. My arches won’t allow me to wear heels these days *sob* so I am living in pointed flats, except for one pair of block-toed Frenchsoles which remind me of ballet shoes (inner kid). Got ‘Zebra’ pointed flats from Sam Edelman, black and white p/fs from Dune, black suede p/fs from & Other Stories, orange suede p/fs from Office (well, they’re in the post). Last year, did get some Mango mock crocs p/fs too, as plugged by Elin Kling, but being man-made they won’t stretch and hurt like hell. I love the vintage and sexier-than-a-round-toe vibe.

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