Good news, for those of us who missed out the first time round, Ines de la Fressange and Uniqlo are collaborating again for autumn 2014. Prepare to be charmed by another wave of Parisian Tomboy Chic, one that comes in a jaunty flat tweed cap.

Parisian launch. Photo via Twitter.

There are slim trousers and tweeds and layered-up patterned shirts. The London press preview was a very small affair, while over in Paris there was a big fandango to celebrate the opening of the new Uniqlo Marais store. Avec Ines, of course. I’m hoping Uniqlo will Eurostar her over for the UK autumn launch, it’s what the public want. And I’m determined to get my hands on at least one of the patterned shirts, they’re the highlight of the collection in my opinion. I ventured into Uniqlo to buy one when we were in Paris, but those clever femmes d’un certain age had got there first:

But…a second drop of the IdlF spring collection means there are still a few plain cotton shirts available online:

Cotton lawn shirt, £19.90, available HERE. And denim shirt, £29.90, available HERE.

Did you buy anything from the spring collection? And what do you think of autumn?

21 thoughts on “Ines de la Fressange collaborates with Uniqlo for autumn 2014

  1. I bought far too much of the Summer collection- mostly linen and cotton shirts and jackets. The trousers and dresses didn't look nice on me at all sadly, so I'm not as hopeful for the Winter collection.
    Maybe the shrunken tweedy jackets will be good? Definitely not a flat cap though- they're borderline fancy dress costume as far as I'm concerned.

  2. They are opening in Melbourne this week and I'm hoping they will be stocking some of the range but I live in sydney so won't get to see anything I a shop, just mail order so I'm interested to read what everyone thinks of it all.

  3. I got the white cotton lawn shirt, and have worn it to death. The linen dress looked awful on me, so I had to send it back. No fall season here in Florida, so no tweeds for me.

  4. Checked ebay this morning.Was thinking "scalpers".Lots of new patterned IdlF patterned shirts but there seems to be an unlimited supply coming from China.Is imitation the most sincere form of flattery?

  5. Si nous étions toutes aussi mince qu'elle, ce serait bien. Hélas, j'adore ces vêtements, mais ne trouve pas ma taille !!!!!
    Les photos sont sublimes.
    Amitiés de Fine.

  6. I do want the denim shirt, but they're so hard to find/get shipped. I may have to wait for F/W collection, and be lucky to get one of the new shirts! xo

  7. Ooooh…I'd love to take part in the flurry. But I am such a hard fit that I don't order online…I have to try things on in the store. Are Uniglo stores even in Canada?
    Love those slim pants with that shrunken jacket. But I must stop dreaming about Fall clothes…when it's not even spring here yet!

  8. I bought the linen mix workers jacket in ecru with one red buttonhole on Day 1 at the Paris Opera store. The jacket is comfortable, elegant and versatile and I suspect I'll wear it to death over the next few months.

  9. I realize this is casual wear, but they look just drab and completely unstylish to me. I like a bit of finesse when wearing menswear – that's the charm for me. This just looks really dull, like gardening clothes or something.

  10. I love tweed! And I agree that the mixed patterned shirts were the best pieces in the Spring collection. If I had been in Paris I would have tried to snatch one. I think the jeans Inès are wearing look terrific. I wonder if they are from her collection as well.

  11. I really love the linen navy jacket and the black dotted shirt! But I found the website confusing to use. Somethings say they are sold out, but then are available if I click on them a different way. Shipping to Seattle was very quick. Sadly I have to return the cotton shirt dress (too puffy), white jeans (fit oddly). Polo shirt fitted too small, buttons didn't come down far enough, and still wavering on the linen collarless gingham shirt. Hate to have to pay the return fee, but at least I am returning more than one for the fee.

  12. Uniqlo has just opened here in Melbourne to much excitement and queues! their staff are charming …
    I bought the navy lawn button thru dress, it's adorable, paired it with a Uniqlo cashmere cardie and a spotty Ines scarf (pure silk for such a low price!)
    I also have a casual cotton shirt from Ines, it's white with red and blue tiny circles – I adore it

    So pleased that Ines is continuing with Uniqlo next season 🙂

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