And now for some more Parisian Chic. Ines de la Fressange’s latest collection for Uniqlo est arrivé. Here are a few of my favourite bits and pieces (still available online at the time of writing). I should have blogged about this yesterday – one of my favourite items the 3/4 sleeve pocketed shirt has practically sold out – but the Mayor of Paris took precedence. Sorry, Ines.

Classic coverall jacket, £59.90, available HERE.


Lovely blue Breton top, £14.90, available HERE.  Also available as a dress – yours for £29.90.


Madras scarf, £11.90, available HERE. 

I have a navy Uniqlo cashmere v-neck sweater that I wear, a lot, so I’ll be checking out the cotton cashmere cardigan, £29.90, available HERE.

A bientot.

9 thoughts on “Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo 2015

  1. This Ines de la Frassange dazzles me and even more so after viewing her interviewed on youtube. These are all very nice selections you've assembled here AW but then my Ines would look fab in anything.
    I can't resist the urge to once again provoke that silly PC Vigilantress that patrols these parts as she took precious umbrage last time for my referring to Madame Frassange as a 'thoroughbred'…she still is!

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