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A sharp, kick-ass jacket slipped insouciantly over jeans, a shirt, a pair of Fancy Ankle Boots (FAB boots for FABsters?) – this is the kind of everyday-style that I love. My kind of modern, uniform dressing. Whether it’s black, red, bright pink or tweed, the mannish blazer is a steadfast component of this look. At first, I was worried that this Massimo Alba tweed jacket was a bit jaunty for my liking (it has a floral print lining – I might give you a flash, one day) but then I thought about Chanel in Scotland (the Duke of Westminster period) and Ines de la Fressange’s Parisian Chic; and gradually over the last year or so Tweedy has weedled its way into my affections, become part of my Wardrobe Glue. Next thing you know I’m whooping things up with a Liberty print scarf and velvet ankle boots. As Catherine Deneuve said of Yves Saint Laurent’s le smoking, ‘It really does make you feel different, it changes gestures’.

Massimo Alba is also available  HERE and HERE. The New-York-sale-bargain jeans are Frame and the perfectly placed satchel in the photo was a gift from M.Hulot. Truly, I am spoiled. M.Hulot and a couple of other independent designers have a pop-up shop in London from 11- 19 April (details HERE). That’s Not My Age readers are entitled to 15% discount, on M.Hulot, just mention TNMA in-store.

31 thoughts on “It’s jacket weather!

  1. The three of us on the blog love our tweed jackets!! So I’m glad you joined in!!
    These jackets do seem awfully professorish at times…but that’s why in our last series with them we changed them up by doing a punk post and a feminine post—all with our tweed jackets!!
    I do think the inside lining makes you feel different about it —isn’t that funny?

  2. V jaunty Alyson. In a very positive way indeed! BTW Can I ask a slightly off-subject question of the stylish NTMA community please? I’m looking for a new hairdresser in central or S.E. London. A hairdresser who will help me to “transition” to a sharp look that’s becoming to my age and greying hair and won’t involve so many pricey visits to the salon for colour. And someone who can get excited about working with a 60 year old (now there’s a challenge).

      1. So kind of you to share your hairdresser Alyson. I’ll investigate! Will certainly tell them I’ve come via you…

  3. Time to shop my closet. I am 71. I love skinny jeans with a crisp shirt or long t shirt topped with a jacket. I like long shirts with short jackets. I found a pair of Bass Weejuns in my closet that are a good substitute for my short boots. My Weejuns are from my college days!!!!

  4. Great look all around!
    We’ve been having a wonderful desert winter with plenty of days cool enough for me to don my jackets, with the favorite being a grey tweed. Tossed over a white crepe camp shirt and medium wash skinny jeans, I am ready for anything from lunch at the art museum to a stroll around the botanic gardens. But now, I may need velvet ankle boots…..

  5. I totally identify with this look, jackets are my favourite article of clothing. Our weather is too warm at present, very, very late summer weather, it is supposed to be autumn in Auckland but someone didn’t tell the weather guru. Spring and autumn are my jacket wearing weather, so soon hopefully.

  6. I love your look Alison,a look I have always gone back to over the years. Yes tweed is growing on me after years of thinking it fuddy daddy ( there’s an old fashioned saying for you!!!) thank you for your posts and your book that is always on my bedside table. Have a great day everyone.jan.

  7. A fitted jacket is the ultimate power-wear in my opinion. A fitted jacked can change a gloomy day into a yes-I-can-day in the blink of a moment. For perfect, inexpensive jackets I always turn to Zara. Theirs are well made from good fabrics and they last forever. My favourites really. Enjoy your spring all!

  8. Yes , a good jacket pulls everything together & I love yours . It annoys me when our winter coat weather turns too wet , or even occasionally too warm , to get the jackets out but this year is perfect jacket weather .

  9. I love your jacket! I have a huge collection, some designer, some charity shop, including a natty little tweed collarless number I might just pull out today thanks to your reminder. My all-time favourite is a black 100% cashmere I bought in Helsinki years and years ago. It has a glorious luxe sheen and people stroke me when I wear it. Adore your boots too. I’m in flats at the moment with a dodgy back after a slip downstairs and can’t wait to mend and have the boost even a small heel gives.

  10. Cackled all the way through this one…
    I remember these rich berry velvet boots from an earlier post, they’re definitely good for Spring too. I think the secret to the blazer is fit. Whether it’s tweed, linen or even velvet doesn’t make much difference if the fit & cut on the person wearing it suits them. This one looks terrific on you Alyson, well chosen mate.

  11. I love your blazer, you look fabulous. I used to wear them all the time – now I don’t? For fall, a tweed blazer is now on my list. Already too warm in LA.

  12. I’ve seen a photo of you in this jacket before and admired it then….you are right about hero jackets and you look great in this outfit…i love jackets more and more these true..they really do pull an outfit together

  13. I love how you paired the tweed jacket with a slightly longer striped shirt. And, those boots would kick up anything a notch, or two. I haven’t had tweed in my closet for ages. You make it look fresh and modern.

  14. All for the ‘whooping it up’. I love a tweed jacket and you have made one look modern and fresh. They too easily look a bit ‘home counties’ (oops is that a faux pas?!) – I shall start to experiment first thing in the morning. Those purple boots are killer!

  15. You look polished, classic, and super cute! SO nice to see vs. trendy moto & bomber jackets. I saw someone comment about their Bass Weejuns. I loved mine, wish I still had them. In the moodsey for classic & cute! Thank you Alyson xoxo

  16. I love this look on you Alyson. I’m tempted by a tweed jacket ( and if I saw one with a beautiful lining I’d be in heaven) but I’m not sure how much I would wear it. In Sydney we have a blink and you miss it winter where, weirdly, I’m colder inside than out. So I end up huddled under layers indoors and stripping down to my shirt sleeves outside. Still – a girl can dream…

  17. I love this look–another fan of the longer striped shirt with this gorgeous blazer! And I’m glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I’ve been lost in past posts for an hour now. . .

  18. I picked up a green tweed jacket in the charity shop for £7 a few months ago and I’ve never had it off my back. Amazingly it goes with everything. £7 well spent for sure.

  19. We would all like to shed the layers of dark wool now it’s April. I’m transitioning via lighter coloured trench coats and a light olive army style jacket. Both allow experiments with different colour schemes. So for me it was red accessories, mustard yellow and golden scarves. Fun to recombine things from one’s wardrobe. Is it called shopping one’s closet ? !
    Good to lay out clothes on bed and create new combinations then try on to see what looks good for now. I gave away a grey tweed jacket I hadn’t worn for ages recently but have retained various blazers which will no doubt prove useful when it’s a bit warmer out.
    As ever Alyson you look delightful stepping out against an urban London skyline in this particular jacket and jeans. Fits perfectly and looks effortless to wear. Velvet boots are charming. I wore something similar in burgundy suede with red and mustard.

  20. That’s what I call business lady! Every detail looks gorgeous. The overall look makes me think of seventies: neck-scarf, shoulder bag and velvet booties. Chevron printed suit jacket makes you look professional.

    xo, Jess

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