J’adore Jane Birkin

— by Alyson Walsh

Last night That’s Not My Age met Jane Birkin. Can’t quite believe I’ve just typed those words but let me tell you every one of them is true. Yep. Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out provided me with the opportunity to guzzle vast quantities of free champagne, scoff canapés like an underfed freelance journalist and meet the legendary actor. My latest grown-up lady crush is beautiful, unbelievably friendly – we chatted for about 15 minutes about her work as a campaigner on social issues – and smart. Meeting JB was the highlight of the evening/my life, after which I had to get the bus home, lie down on the settee and watch Mad Men. Sorry Don Draper but last night you were overshadowed by a 63-year-old woman (and Jane doesn’t watch the show, by the way).

So, here’s Birkin at the Martin Margiela store. She popped in to peruse the collection and ended up leaving with this fine knit top – accessorised with her Aung San Suu Kyi badge – and a chunky camel cardigan. We bumped into each other again at the Miller Harris shop, where, ever the style icon, Ms Birkin caused a fashion flurry as two assistants checked out her new top and rushed next door to buy the very same thing.

My New Best Friend Jane Birkin (NBFJB) told me all about l’air de rien, the perfume she’s created with the help of Lyn Harris. How on visiting her brother Andrew at his laboratory on the Perfume film set in Wales she started mixing ingredients together. Birkin’s friend, the photographer, Gabrielle Crawford – was there last night and is equally lovely and smart – told NBFJB she should bottle it, and introduced her to fragrance expert, Lyn Harris. LH offered some advice on botanical components, the potion contained so much oak moss it could poison people! Fortunately, the bespoke scent launched this week is non-toxic. A gorgeous heady blend of vanilla, musk and the just the right amount of oak moss, designed to express Birkin’s ethereal self.

And now for an exclusive. Earlier this week, Vogue reported that Jane Birkin had ditched her eponymous bag for a second-hand sporran.

Not so. Last night, NBFJB nipped behind the desk and started rummaging in a leather handbag customised with stickers and beads. I give you, the real deal, Jane Birkin’s bag:



Miller Harris, 21 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London W1J 6QD (tel: 020 7629 7750)

Pick ‘n’ mix: Disney Roller Girl
Second-hand Sporran: Rex Features
l’air de rien: Gabrielle Crawford
And special thanks to my lovely friend Dvora at Fashionistable for removing the glare from Jane Birkin’s glasses.

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Last night That’s Not My Age met Jane Birkin. Can’t quite believe I’ve just typed those words but let me tell you every one of them is true.